Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Game Day (2-4) Habs @ Flyers


So after the last two games the Flyers are on a roll,
and hopefully a big one.

Argue all you want, but the Flyers should be 3 - 0 right now,
despite the fact we love losing 2 goal leads.

This could be the deciding game of the series if the Flyers win,
so it's definitely a clutch game.

On a side note, Carbonneau PLEASE let Carey Price play tonight,
he's really a great goalie and you should have faith in him -- really.

Accurate... [MrHockey]

After Hatcher's meh boarding misconduct, he'll be back tonight;
along with our favorite goalie pest, Mike Knuble.

The Habs will be out for blood tonight trying to pull off an away win to show they can win on the road.
So we're in for a tense game that hopefully won't get any ridiculous referee interference
(can we make that a 2 minute minor with no refs on the ice?)

Marty Biron will still be in with his stellar playoff performance,
so we're counting on him for another awesome game.


:: Knuble will be back for tonight, which is a huge gain in front. [ Flyers ]
Great guy to have in front of the goalie, it's great to have him back
after that hamstring injury.

:: After a shaky series, Carbonneau is unsure of which goalie will start tonight [ Flyers ]
We're hoping for Carey "Swiss Cheese" Price

:: "I know if we keep playing like this, we'll be OK," Carbonneau said. [ ]
Sounds good to me Habs

:: Biron hates the Canadians [ ]
"My parents still talk about that game," Biron said. "How the Canadiens cheated..."


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