Monday, May 19, 2008

We Had a Good Run. Flyers Are Out.

[ Recap ]

Well, it was a game.
It was a ridiculously ugly game, but it was a game.

We're not going to dance around the point, no matter how you spin it, the Flyers got beat.

There were a few bad calls here and a few there, a few bad bounces, yada yada.
At the end of they day, when you lose 6 - 0, they were going to win anyway.

Many people turned the game off after the first, or even the second,
but here, we watched the entire misery.

They weren't favored to win, by anyone in the league except we faithful.

To tell you the truth, I am damn proud of our boys for playing there hearts out,
and considering they were LAST in the league last season, this is a victory in our books.

Good series Pens thanks for the laughs, the tears,
and of course the utter disdain for the colors yellow and black.
(Bumble bees will never be the same)

We're off to rebuild the team, and keep around our golden boys.

We hope to continue posting throughout the off season with draft updates, and all that jazz.
It would also be nice to get another main writer in here to help out,
so if anyone is interested email us at


What Ya Drinkin'

Here is [Mike L.]'s kick ass Flyers shrine.

[Mike L.]

You can still send us random submissions, or even watching the finals,
as long as it's Flyers gear :)


The Beardthing

A word of warning to the future competitors of the Penguins.
You may not know this, but in Crysby's little neck beard mustache thing is actually a ball of power.

The power to decide the game, the games goes as Cindy calls it.
It tells the refs what to call, it tells the puck where to go, but obviously it doesn't work for himself only others.

Crysby had a pretty, meh, series but the key to beating the Pens is shaving the handlebars,
oh wait he doesn't have that part... well just shave everything else I guess to be safe.

P.S. It just looks SO ridiculous, shave it you girl.


Sorry guys there will not be a whole game recap, it was just too bad.

We will say that the first period made it seem like it would be a decent game for a little.
It came out back-and-forth until the Penguins scored 2.

After the second goal the Flyers kind of gave up.
It sucked.

The rest of the game was the Flyers trying to keep it out of the net.

The first goal was deflected off Malone's skate and in, not Marty's fault.
The second goal was in iffy no call, could go either way for his fault or not.

One goal was deflected off a stick, bounced off the ice, and went over his shoulder.
It was just an absolutely ridiculous game, and despite all the complaining we could do, we'll refrain.


Series Recap

Well what can we say,
they are obviously the best team in the East and deserve to advance to the next round.

They swept over Ottawa in the first series, to turn heads and let everyone know they meant business.

The second series they schooled the Rangers, letting them win just one game,
this time surprising the NHL with how easily they won.

Then in this series they played great game after great game until we were worn down.

That guy was the key to the series.
Marc-Andre Fleury stepped up this series and played some amazing games.

He is the best goalie in the NHL right now with only some competition from Turco.

They're 2nd and 3rd line players stepped up.

Malkin was only a home player, weird.
Crosby played a pretty average series.


Dude, we are proud of you guys.

You weren't expected to be much of anything this year, but through hard work and determination,
you guys pulled off a ridiculously surpirsing and absolutely amazing playoffs.

The first serires we put up easily the most entertaining series in the East,
and showed that one player couldn't carry a team.

The second series we shut up all the hockey statistic junkies,
and rocked the 1st seed in the conference.

This series, after being riddled with injuries and being pretty worn out, we gave it our all.

Only thing to do now is smile and realize how well we played and how unexpected it was.

Great Series Flyers.


Good Luck

You will sure as hell need it.

The finals will be an amazing Wester Conference team against an on fire Easter Team.

We aren't really sure how they'll play, but we do know the Wings are an absolute machine,
they connect passes, they play fast, they play rough, and they play like rabid dogs.

Despite how much my fellow fans may hate me, we'll root for you guys to win it Pens.
Don't make us regret the decision, we chose you out of respect and because honestly we want to have lost to the best team in the league.

We're conceited like that.


Off Season

We'll keep you guys updated on hockey news and such in the off season.

We're looking for writers interested in posting about draft picks, trades, strategies, and all the jazz.
If you're interested just drop us an email.

Stay with us as we post all this up,
We're fightin for time to do this as is.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

In other news...

Today was game 5 of the Dallas Stars-Detroit Red Wings Western Conference final and it was almost a repeat of game 4. Marty Turco was spectacular in net for the Stars and they came out on top with a 2-1 victory at the Joe Louis Arena in "Hockeytown." I don't know about you but personally, I feel like "hockeytown" has been "bandwagontown" lately. I heard the JLA wasn't even selling out for playoff games.

I know as a hockey fan tickets can be expensive and I know I don't get to many games a year, but even in Philadelphia, another blue collar town which isnt full of rich people but I think they could sell out if they hold the title of "hockeytown."

The series is now 3-2 Detroit headed back to Dallas for a game 6. Don't be surprised if this series goes all the way to the brink after Detroit had an opportunity to sweep the Stars in 4 games.

Imagine 2 series going from 3-0 to 3-3 both in game 7. Even further, imagine if both teams in the Stanley Cup Final coming back to win their series' after being down 3-0...

We can keep can happen.

-Mike N

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Flyers Do. Not. Get. Swept.

Oh what a beautiful game it was.

There were some big changes on offense.
Obviously they were good because Danny Briere had his first goal in some way-to-long amount of games.

The game was played once again without Braydon Coburn and the less expect Kimmo Timonen.

Despite this, the Flyers looked absolutely amazinging in the 1st, and most of the 2nd.
There 3rd wasn't exactly A-Game (refraining from making the A-Team reference again),
but it got the job done in the end.

I just want to throw a big "WOOOOOO!" to all [ The Pensblog ]'s out there speaking of sweeps.

[Mike L.]

We understand that the series is far from over,
but this game was the confidence boost needed (yes, duh) , even though it was a little late.

If the Flyers really want to win this series, they obviously have to win 4 in a row.
We think the real test will be Sunday at the Igloo.

If they can pull off the W there,
they will win all 4 games.

[Jürgen J.]


The Daily Beard

[Mike L.]

I thought hair was supposed to grow and get thicker.

That's all for now.


What Ya Drinkin'

[Mike L.]

[Jürgen J.]
Nice action shot.

Keep on submitting guys.

=========================FIRST PERIOD=========================

We hate how the first 10 minutes of the program are commercials.
"Stevens is the coach, and we'll tell you his first name after the break, stay tuned"

The puck drops around 7:42 and right away you can feel the energy.

The crowd looks great with the orange crush sea, this time saying "Most Intimidating Fans in the NHL" or something.

Coburn and Kimmo are still out, Richards is on the line with Briere and Hartnell, and Parent is in.

The Flyers actually look alive, and they start playing some Flyer hockey.
Hartnell gets a nice chance in front with go gold, and Jones lays into Hossa a little after.

The crowd is pumped, the fans are pumped, it's looking good.
They control the puck for the most part.

Then at with 14:03 left in the 1st, Briere takes out Staal's foot digging for the puck and he's off to the box for 2.

Richards once AGAIN, gets an awesome breakaway shorthanded.
He misses the net wide, but that's the third game in a row he's a had a great shorthanded breakaway.

The Flyers fight off the power play with little effort and Briere jumps out of the box with a little initiative.

30 seconds after the penalty kill, Lupul flys up the side and rips one from the far end of the circle.
It may have touched a defender, but it beats Fleury over the shoulder for the first goal of the game.

1 - 0

Game time! The Flyers come out with a vengeance and play hard.

Marty Biron is looking like the Goalie we know he can be.

Next thing you know, Briere draws a penalty on Gonchar for holding.

The Flyers put up some good pressure, but it didn't look to great until Randy Jones threw a shot on net and Briere (YES BRIERE) picked up the trash with a goal.

2 - 0

Looks like moving Richards to the Briere and Hartnell line is making the difference.
Briere is starting to play with confidence, so we're hoping he'll continue playing the way he can.

About a minute later, Letang get's called for a penalty and the Flyers go on the power play again.
2 more players from each side are added the box, making it 4 on 3, but nothing interesting goes down.

Then Dave Mustaine of Megadeth pops up to tell us how awesome we are.

[Mike L. from The 5 Hole ]

Anyway, it all starts to get rough, and we see some more Flyer hockey.
Not to mention, Crosby has been bitching after every single stoppage of play.

The Flyers head to the power play again after a skirmish and this time after some great control, Jeff Carter puts one home.

3 - 0

The Flyers close-up the last 1:10 of the period with some great pressure, and Crosby finishes it up whining to the refs.

=========================SECOND PERIOD=========================

The second period starts off much like the first, with a little less intensity.

The Flyers looks good, and are keeping the Pens generally out of the game.
Briere is definitely a presence in the game.

A few minutes in, Upshall gets a shot to the face and realiates and we go to the 4 on 4.

Usually I don't do this, but I have to say that Fleury made one of the best saves of his career against Briere, essentially keeping the lead to only 3.

The Flyers defense is looking really sharp, and we have to point out that Randy Jones really stepped up to fill the Defensive void throughout the game.

The game progresses, and Kukkonen makes a great play, and Jones follows it by dropping Malkin.

Biron gets some time to shine with a few Pens chances, but because he's a monster, he keeps it out of the net.

Crosby on the other hand, continues to cry up a storm. Sidney Crysby it is.

There's a good amount of back-and-forth hockey, with both sides looking decent, or at least not weak.

With 5:43 left, Carter gets called for tripping, and the Pens get the chance to tie.
They get a few chances, and Biron flashes that awesome glove of his, but no money.

A minute later, Richards fans on a big opportunity, but he's been playing awesome all game.

The period closes out with the Flyers still on a power play after a Sykora slash on Briere with just 1:35 left.

=========================THIRD PERIOD=========================

You gotta love starting out a period with a man advantage, and despite no goals it keeps the confidence.

There's good pressure for the first couple of minute, until the Pens get on deep in the zone and Staal puts it off the side of Biron for their first goal.

Talbot kisses Staal.
3 - 1

Biron doesn't seem too flusterred and continues to play strong.

You can tell the Pens start getting desperate, and they actually start trying for the first time in the game... hmm.
They Pens start to gain some momentum but nothing results.

The Flyers start to get control back in the game and Upshall gets a nice chance.
Just as they're starting to get momentum, the Pens get possession and Staal again puts one past Biron short side to bring the score to 3 - 2.

This is right about the time when Flyers fans start sweating because we've seen so many games end badly from leads.

Play continues, and there is some good defense by the Flyers as Smith stand Crosby up and runs him off the puck.

MAF is pulled at 1:05 and the Pens put up some worrying pressure.
Luckily, Lupul decides to let them know this is our house and lands a nice empty netter.

4 - 2

Knowing that they're going the lose, the Penguins decide to throw a huge hissy fit at the end of the game.

Hatcher lets Malone know that he doesn't appreciate it.
He also turns into satan.

Gonch takes a cheap shot at Richards

Finally, Richards wants to throw with Crosby,
who bitches out and doesn't throw a punch until the ref is between them.
Nor does he drop his gloves.

- Briere decided to show up for tonight's game in a big way.
- Jones really stepped up too.
- Hatcher completely owned Malone repeatedly in the head.
- Crysby whined the whole game, and bitched out against Richards.
- A game 5 win will bring about a 4 game come back.
- Stevens should have made these line changes sooner.
- Timonen is probably going to be back for Sunday! No word on Coburn.



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heart. Game Day (3 - 4) Penguins @ Flyers


So here it is.
The Flyers season rides on their performance in this game.

If they are able to hold off the Pens for another game, who's to say they can't do it 3 more times?

It all comes down to heart, that is the only key of the game.
That... and don't play like you did last game.

The Penguins will come out as their cocky little selves,
and that just means we have to get on top early (no homo).
Well maybe a little homo in Malkin.

Everyone knows that the Flyers are the only team in the East that can take the Penguins down,
and now the Flyers just have to prove that they won't go down without a fight.

Nothing else matters, the first 3 games, the venue, the momentum.
None of it matters, the only thing that matters is how the Flyers want to play.
If they want it they will win.


The Beardish thing

This article over at [ ] pretty much sums up the only frame of mind Crosby can possibly have.

We'll post the full text for you viewing pleasure.
Thanks to [Mike L.] for linking to it

On the doorstep of the Stanley Cup Finals while at the same time enjoying the fruits of puberty, Pittsburgh Penguins phenom Sidney Crosby is having the time of his life.

“Last spring was terrible,” said Crosby. “We lost in the first round of the playoffs and all I had was a little bit of peach fuzz on my chin. But now we’re going for the Cup and, best of all, I have hair all over my face. Well, not all over my face. It’s not a lot. But it kind of looks like a real beard. You can definitely see it if you stand close to me or if you have a really big HD television. It’s pretty exciting.”

Penguins head coach Michel Therrien said it is remarkable how Crosby has grown as a leader on a team full of men despite still battling the awkwardness of becoming a man himself.

“This team respects him. And it’s because of the way he handles himself on and off the ice,” said Therrien. “Just think how much they’ll listen to him when his voice stops cracking every other word. Or when he realizes he needs to start wearing deodorant and showering every day.”

Crosby acknowledges he still has some developing to do.

“This is a weird time. I keep getting these totally random erections,” he said. “I’m not turned on at all, I’ll just be going about my business and – Boom! – erection. I hate when it happens on the ice. I just bend over a little bit and hold my stick over my crotch to cover it up until it goes away. I can’t wait for that to stop happening.”

The hockey phenom says that if his team does win the Stanley Cup, he can’t wait to celebrate with his teammates.

“Maybe I can get one of them to buy me some Mike’s Hard Lemonade or, like, some beer or something,” he said. “And I’ll probably smoke a whole lot of cigarettes to see what that’s like. One thing I do know, though, win or lose, I’m not shaving. What if it doesn’t come back for some reason? It took me two months to grow what I have.”


What Ya Drinkin'

We're hoping for some What Ya Drinkin' emails after tonights game.
Remember, if you haven't played before the rules are simple:

  • You take a picture of what you're drinking (beer, tea, soda, etc.) next to something Flyers related.
  • You send said picture to
  • Your picture gets posted on the front page of the next Game Recap

:: John Stevens shuffled the line yesterday [ Philly ]
- Look for Richards with Briere and Hartnell
- Sir R.J. of Umberger will be with Prospal and Lupul
- Patrick Thorenson will take over for Steve Downie.

:: Braydon Coburn may play tonight [ Philly ]
The defense can use all the help they can get.

:: Marty Biron is a beast, and knows he can win 4 straight [ Philly ]
Hey we did it in Montreal, and Biron is a beast...


:: Downie left Sykora breathless [ PG ]
He won't watch the replay. Too scary.

:: The Pens listen to their coach [ NHL ]
Apparently it only took two and a half years.

:: Gary Roberts not likely to play tonight[ PG ]

I hate the Pens website for news.


Tonight on Versus, Dallas brought the Western Conference Finals to a 1 - 3 record against the Detroit.

We would give you a game recap, but that's far too much work.

We will say that Turco flops around to make his saves, but he sure as hell makes them.

Dallas played a great game tonight, and it was awesome that 90% of the lower section stood for the entire game.

Flyers just have to hope to take a play out of the Stars books,
and Flyers fans... we want to see every one of you standing.


Not Much to Say. Flyers Lose.

[ Recap ]
I don't even know what to say.

That little kids expression pretty much sums me up right now.
That is probably the worst game the Flyers have played this post season.

I understand Kimmo and Coburn are out, and of course that hurts.
But it doesn't hurt that bad, this was all about heart, which we obviously have none of.

The Flyers had as many completed passes and even more interceptions than Roethlisberger in '06.

What Ya Drinkin'

[Jürgen J]

[ Mike L.]

[Mike L.]

We're looking for more submissions. Keep sending them in.

====================GAME RECAP====================

The game started out with some awful Versus-ness, though it wasn't as bad as usual.

Don Cherry was there looking as awesome as always.

There was also a great tribute to Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski who, if you haven't heard,
died Saturday during bank robbery. He was a die hard Flyers fan, and his son started a Let's Go Flyers chant after his funeral.

====================FIRST PERIOD====================

It all started out slow, the Flyers weren't looking too bad by this point though, hopes are high and the Wachovia Center is absolutely roaring.
The Orange Crush looks bad ass as normal and this time the shirts say "Why Not Us?".

The Carter Line was playing especially well, and keeping some good pressure on the Pens.
It was basically back-and-forth hockey, with a little more Pens time than Flyers.

3:33 in, Hatcher is called for a trip and it's kind of a weak call, but every call was weak in the first period so we aren't going to complain.
Then it's all down hill from there.

Whitney (we're not even actually sure if he plays for the Pens this was a first time hearing his name for us) gets a deflection off Smith for an early goal on the power play.
Yes, Jason Smith who plays for the Flyers.

1 - 0

The Flyers look pretty awful after that goal.

A few minutes later we pretty much let Hossa walk up to the top of the circles and let one rip past Marty making it 2 - 0.

MAF isn't looking particularly solid in net, but he's getting the job.
After some pressure by the Flyers, Kennedy decides to throw the puck over the boards out of his own zone, off too the power play we go.

Just kidding, less than 2 seconds in (or at least that's how it feels) Briere gets called for hooking, and makes his first appearance of the game.
The call was week and we were pissed, but what can you expect. Off to 4 on 4.

Just kidding again! The refs decide to call another weak call this time on the Pens, it was so weak that I'll admit to it. Not that I'm complaining.

The 4 on 3 is killed and 4 on 4 end. The Flyers are putting on some decent pressure and Knuble slides one across the back of the crease with a wide open goal.


The pressure continues, but it's killed off.

Just when we Flyers fans had lost all hope, Sir R.J. of Umberger tallies one on off a Fleurebound and we're back in the game.

2 - 1

Don't get your hopes up kiddies, that's as good as it gets.

Pens start to kill us on the fore check, and we get a power play thanks to a hooking call on Malone, but it goes nowhere.

With 1:00 left in the 1st, MAF stops a puck behind his net and misplays it.
Then, after clumsily falling into his own net, the Flyers somehow manage to not put the puck past him.

====================SECOND PERIOD====================

To be honest, the second period was a boring period of hockey.

The refs decided to not call anything this period except one tripping call on Upshall.
Good thing they are being consistent throughout the game...

I will mention that on that penalty kill, Marty Biron did flash that crazy ass glove hand of his.
He could catch a bullet with that thing.

On that same PK, Richards gets another short handed break away and as he come in on Fleury, Gonchar has a diving poke check.
We're sure Mike wants that one back.

Other mentionables are Harnell throwing some good hits and Briere trying too hard to make up for his slump, and in the process he's losing the puck in his fanciness.

====================THIRD PERIOD====================

Ugh. At this point, the Flyers need to turn the game around.
It starts out slow and uneventful.

It's about 5 minutes into the 3rd when it seems like no pass can connect between the Flyers.
While the Flyers are unable to even bring the puck up ice, the Penguins defense is looking even stronger.

In the middle of the period, Versus decides they no longer feel like doing the play-by-play and they throw it over to an interview with Ray Shero.
Shero (The Pens GM) throws out a cliche, unimportant mess of words as the play continues.

Just before the 10:00 mark of the period, poor Steve Downie makes a bad pass in the Penguins zone, and it's taken down the ice for a Malone goal.

3 - 1

Versus decides to show a million shots of Flyers fans practically crying. Get a heart Versus, or go watch a damn rodeo.

Ten minutes of extremely ugly hockey pass before Hossa puts in an empty netter for the kill.

4 - 1

Which is followed by this very awkward hug

Charlie would be proud.

- What a ridiculously ugly game on the Flyers part.
- We almost though Sir R.J. of Umberger was going to return valiantly to save the team, he came the closest.
- Richards didn't have a huge game, but he was a presence.
- Danny Briere once again was not.
- Malking was shut down decently by our defense.
- Kimmo and Coburn being out just makes it all worse.
- The Flyers Do. Not. Get. Swept.


The ransom for Pensblog Charlie has finally been met.
He has reached all 1,000 friends on facebook in little more than 2 days.

We are satisfied, Charlie will be satisfied when he gets to visit Ottawa this year, and [ The Pensblog ] is of course satisfied (almost nightly).

Let's Go Flyers