Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Orange Crush FAQ

Welcome to The Orange Crush FAQ.

The goal behind our blog is to give Flyers fans a place to entertain and be entertained.
We want to keep a community atmosphere here at TOC.

We view the comments section as more of a message board
where everyone can talk about anything that's on their mind.

We aren't here to force feed you information and jokes.

The idea is to get you readers involved.
We are just looking for readers, commenters, photoshops, pictures, and anything else there is to be sent in.
We love hearing from you guys, and giving you a chance to interact.

This is a FAQ to let people know what the deal is and how we plan to run the website.

So where did the idea of The Orange Crush come from?
  • We really just wanted to make a new blog for the Flyers. There haven't been many Flyers blogs around and the only way to get everything we wanted in a Flyers blog was to make the blog ourselves. We just hope we're not the only ones.
When was The Orance Crush created?
  • After a few days of looking for writers/shoppers/helpers the official first post was on April 29, 2008.
Why should we contact The Orange Crush? How?
  • We love getting photoshops, stories, pictures, links, fan mail, and yes even hate mail. Send us pretty much anything NHL related or not. Or if you just want to discuss some hockey we're always down.
  • To exchange links.
You can contact us at OrangeCrushBlog@gmail.com.

Why do you care about a community feel?
  • We think the idea behind a blog shouldn't be to present but to share, so we hope to share information, jokes, pictures, whatever. The community feel keeps people involved and gives people a site to go to.
Are comments moderated?
  • Nope, not even a little. We just hope that the stupid posts can be ignore because we aren't here to judge your opinons.
Who runs The Orange Crush?
  • We have 3 writers Mike, Becky, and the infamous FlyersFan88. At the moment we don't have any miscellaneos contributors, but if anyone would be interested feel free to send us an email. Otherwise, we'll make due.
How do I get my link on the sidebar?
  • Just send us an email asking to link swap and as long as it fits in one of our categories we'll be sure to add you.
How often do you post?
  • We post every single day whenever possible. We try to get it up early morning of the next day, but if it's not posted you can almost always hope for one in the evening.
What is What Ya Drinkin'?
  • What Ya Drinkin' is The Orange Crush game where we ask readers to email us a picture of whatever they're drinking during the game (Alcohol or otherwise) next to something Flyers related (Hat, Jersey, Pictures, Puck, Bag, etc. etc.). Be creative!
  • You have until about 1:00am after the game, unless we weren't able to get a post up that night at which point you can send it in all the next day until we post.
Are you secretly The Pensblog?
  • Sorry to all your conspiracy advocates, but we are not. We do admit that The Pensblog was obviously a big inspiration for the blog, mostly because we like the way they do things.
  • We are in no way run by [ The Pensblog ], we just think they're a great example of the way blogging should be done, despite them being Pens fans. We think they're some great competition and the crew over there are cool guys. Regardless, we are independent of them, I promise.

If anyone has anything else they think we should add to the FAQ be sure to let us knowin the comments.


FireFox said...

Is the answer to the last question in your FAQ in fact a complete fabrication because you really are the PensBlog Staff? Come on guys, one of those 7 or 12 steps to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Admit it, its you!

ricks1683 said...

I smell AndyKauffmanBlog in here