Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to The Orange Crush

Woot! Welcome to the The Orange Crush Blog, the new win in the world of hockey.

In an attempt to offer a Flyers blog that doesn't suck, we've created this beautiful work of coding glory.

We'll be offering you game highlights, hockey articles, and a good supply of immature hockey humor.

Despite starting this blog at the very end of the season, stay tuned for our playoff coverage
of the Flyers and some general around the league info (not to mention off-season posting).

Just to let you know where we stand...

We applaud you sir - touché

**TOCB is not a direct copy of any well known hockey blogs... we swear.


PENS said...

CONSPIRACYBLOG! It's o.k. to be upset that yinz will choke this whole series, but it's another thing to pretend to be something you're not (the PENS and their blog.) Go back to your city of "brotherly love" and leave the wins up to the REAL players.


Anonymous said...

We want Charlie back

Anonymous said...

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