Thursday, April 15, 2010

It Continues. FLYERS WIN.

Ahhh, isn't it nice?

Seeing the Flyers win a first round, first game.
Hasn't happened since 2004 against Toronto.

A first game win was exactly what we needed,
it got a little tense at times, but they pulled it through well.
It's great to win away, and get all the confidence.

Also, the Jersey crowd sucks.
People were leaving with 3 minutes left in the playoffs,
don't they know anything can happen?

Boucher showed up, oh hell did he show up.


Boucher played like the goalie he was 10 years ago.
Great game.

Little upset that the Devils fans had a bit of a presence at the game,
it wasn't amazing, but it was more than expected.

Excuse me for the write-up.
I missed the entire first period,
caught most of the 2nd,
and the very end of the third.

=============FIRST PERIOD=============

From what I can tell the first period was pretty balanced.

Good saves from both goalies, each team playing decent, a little bit of a Flyer's advantage.

No goals, nothing too amazing.

============SECOND PERIOD============

Here's where the game got interesting.
The Flyers kicked it up a notch, and started playing well as a team.

There were a few good Debbies chances early, but nothing too big.
Boucher was playing well.

The Flyers capitalized on a bit of a mess up and Richard's headed down ice with the puck,
Pronger crashed the net, and ended up getting a bit of a sloppy goal of a defender's skate

1 - 0

A bit of time goes by with the Flyers clearly having the advantage
and before you know it Lappiere to Richards, done & done.

2 - 0

From now on Boucher will always be referred to as BOOSH because he really picked it up.

The rest of the period went with some more Flyer's Dominance.

=============END OF THIRD PERIOD=============

So I came in to this period at just about the right time to see the Debbies score.
3 minutes left in the game, they get somewhat of a a lucky bounce,
and put one past BOOSH

2 - 1
No, that picture does not have anything to do with anything.

Then the Devils really kick it into gear.
What's left of the crowd starts to get into the game
and they pull ol' Sister-in-Law Banger.
He hobbles to the bench saying "Where's your sister, woman?"

A close call with 10 seconds left,
but to no avail thank to BOOSH.

- Pronger had an awesome game (woo fantasy)
- Hartnell played pretty much like Hartnell
- We can definitely win this series
- Richards shows some good effort with the goal
- I need a TV that plays the games :(


Series Lead!

We're still looking forward to emails with anything to contribute.


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