Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's Do It. GameDay (1-1)

7:30 pm

And so it begins.

Let's hope like in the picture above Hartnell actually does something.
We know he didn't all season.

Today is a good game for momentum.
If you can win while you're away,
it gives a big confidence boost to the team.

Then again, with the Debbie's attendance records...
it's practically a home game anyway.

With the record we've had against the Devil's this season,
we can only hope the Flyers keep up the good work against them.

And we all know that their biggest asset is goaltending,
the forwards will have to find a way to get it past ol' Sister-in-Law Banger.
errr... I mean Martin Brodeur.

"To all the people who knew about it and didn't say anything, I appreciate it,"

Way to be a role model Marty.
Lord knows he'll be called Marty throughout the game too.

The recap tomorrow may be a bit late and un-detailed,
trying to balance everything will prove to be tough.

But I'll hang in there just like Marty did in order to be with
his wife's sister.


:: Flyers want to watch the cheap penalties [Philly]
Obvious statement is obvious.
Hartnell, we're looking at you

:: Flyers are focusing on getting back to last year's goal numbers [Philly]
Yes, slightly obvious, but very true.
We simply don't have the scoring depth we did last year,
Giroux and JVR didn't step up quite as much as we wish.

:: Flyers website has a pretty good series analysis [Flyers]
Breaks down the season record, offense, and defense.


:: The Devils have no real info on their home page, but they do have this!
Yes, that's a playoff beard contest.
Here's to hoping they barely get past 5 o' clock shadow.

:: Something about Kovalchuk being excited to play the Flyers [Devils]
Blah blah blah, nothing to report.


:: Oilers won the draft lottery [NHL]
Congrats on being terrible!

:: Something about Ovechkin liking hockey [NHL]
It was either post this, or an article about the Pens.
Completely surprised the team is highlight Ovechkin and Crosby.


I'd also like to note all the Crosby jerseys I've seen today,
living in central Pennsylvania and all.

It's good to see people supporting hockey,
and I have no problem with fans from other teams (ok except maybe Pen fans),
but it is fun to see if they have ever seen more than a period of a hockey game.


Feel free to send us anything you might want posted on the blog.
Photoshops, pictures, news stories, etc. etc. we'll look it over.


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