Monday, April 12, 2010

Where the Hell Were You?

Well look at that, we've decided to pop back up for the playoffs.

It's completely possible that absolutely no one will be reading any of this,
since it's been 2 or 3 years now.

I have to admit the reason it's hard to keep up is I'm away at school
where I can't watch any of the games.
But I'll see if I can get enough online feeds and time to keep updated with the playoffs.

You'll have to bear with me, and I'm letting you know every recap may not be incredible.


As for now, the Flyers pulled out an insanely tight win to get into the playoffs yesterday.

Henrick was almost the definition of a goalie stealing a game,
but the Flyers managed to crack him with a timely goal by Matt Carle
and some nice shoot out moves (I'm looking at you Claude).

Because the Habs suck, and can't win in regulation,
we're bumped up the the #7 spot with more wins then the Habs.

Also, in the time since we stopped really posting,
it's become increasingly difficult to get good HQ pictures.
So if anyone knows of a good source for images, for FREE,
that I can use. Please let me know.



Honestly, we couldn't ask for a better match-up.

We're down on our luck when it comes to goaltending,
our offense isn't what it was last year,
and we just flat haven't been playing well.

The Devils are one of the few teams we've had success against this season.

They're 1 - 4 -1 against us, I'll take that from an opponent any day.

We're going to have to put a little bit of faith in the man between the pipes,
and fortunately Leighton is expected to be back sometime this weekend.

In the mean time let's just hope Boosh can play like he played yesterday.


Brian Boucher

Alright, I'm going to let you in on bias right now.

My lucky number is 33 because of Brian Boucher,
I've always been a hockey goalie at heart and Boucher was our man
right about the beginning of my true love for hockey.

I watched him be an absolutely monster in the 1999 playoffs,
which was against the Debbies, and still hurts to this day.

That being said,
he's nowhere near the star I expected him to become.

He's definitely one of the worst goalie headed to the playoffs,
and well... he's our third seed goalie.

I've also seen him on his biggest HOT streak of all time (NBA Jams style),
and I've also seen his demise.

He's on FIRE!


We aren't expecting too much of a fan base any more,
but leave some comments if you happen to dropping through.

Feel free to email us at
with pictures, photoshops, ideas, game shots, anything.

We look forward to having you participate.

Until gameday...



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Welcome Back!

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This blog is the sux0rz