Sunday, April 18, 2010


Series 2 - 1 Flyers lead.

[ Recap ]

The parts of the game not spent in the penalty box were great.
I felt like I was watching an episode of Prison Break,
except no one had a good tatoo.

Yes, that is seriously the penalty summary.

I'm not even complaining about how bad the calls were,
most of them were justified,
but there's a point where you have to let em play.

The Flyers got away with a penalty call on Clarkson for interference.

The game was pretty evenly matched throughout,
but we will admit that Brodeur was playing so well
we aren't sure he wasn't cheating...

BOOSH was playing on fire,
he only let a pair in, and he played really well.

The man of the night is Carcillo.
Cannon is a completely applicable nickname.

His goony goal celebration was just awesome,
he was so excited he couldn't decide who to hug first.
Gagne was the lucky winner of the who to hug game,
and he probably needed one after hitting the post with an
open net the size of Tiger's repertoire.

Recap isn't going to be detailed,
but it'll get the job done.

=============1st Period=============

First period was full of some decent hockey play.

Jersey scored first, Rolston with a slapper to beat Boucher on the power play
for something or other. Dirty.

1 - 0


Couple minutes later, Giroux gets the tip in.

1 - 1

Some back and forth and more penalties until the period ends.

=============2nd Period============

The Flyers came out looking pretty good in the second.
It's nice to see Carter at least putting some effort in, now he needs some more.

No picture, but Carcillo get's a nice assist to Richards.
Let's make it
1 - 2

The guys seemed to lose a little speed here, and the Devils were putting the pressure on.
BOOSH was looking good, gotta give him props for that.

Brian Rolston get's another goal 3:30 or so left in the period to tie it up.

2 - 2

=============3rd Period=============

This is the period where Sister-in-Law Banger really made his appearance.

He looked good all game, but now he decided he was going to be a brick wall.

Gagne misses a grossly open net midway through the period.
There are a few power plays here and there that don't prove fruitful for either team.

At this point, the Devils deserve to lose, and Brodeur is looking like he'll save the game.

Luckily we were well endowed in net at the other end.

There are a few chances that get me excited enough to almost change my pants, but no goald (witty I know).

=============OT Period=============

The Flyers came out and decided they didn't care how many of his wife's family members
Brodeur had slept with, he wouldn't be getting away with another win.

They were all over him, Richards had a few shots right into Brodeurs pads,
and then caught just enough of a rebound to get the puck over to the well positioned Cannon.

Carcillo buries it and then proceeds to give us an awesome celebration.

He's just too excited.

2 - 3

The Carbomb pulls 2 points, a goal and an assist.

[credit to whoever actually made this]

-Obviously Carcillo showed up to play. Love it.
-Still mad at Gagne for that miss.
-Richards has stepped up so far in the playoffs, looking good.
-Brodeur can be beat, it just takes some patience
-Having BOOSH playing this well is nice.


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