Friday, April 16, 2010

Lookin for a Repeat - Game Day Game 2

Awkard Face is Awkward


Here's the big time,
have to wait and see if the Flyers can do it twice in a row.

It would be an awesome momentum holder,
not to mention I love seeing Martin Brodeur lose.

I think it all comes down to BOOSH again,
we have to hope he keeps playing like rookie season.

The Flyboys really need Hartnell to step up and stop looking this awkward:

Oh noooo, I'm doing lots of nothing.

With the way he's been playing lately I'd rather see this kid in there


Anyway, gonna have to keep this short since it's posted
so close to game time.


:: "We came here to get one, and now we're looking for two and to go back to home ice with a 2-0 lead," winger Scott Hartnell said after Thursday's practice at the Prudential Center. [Philly]
Good, Sidney Crysby would be there for Malkin when he needed a shoulder to cry on,
hopefully Hartnell will be there for the team.

:: The Scott Stevens v. Pronger analysis [Philly]
Let's just say, I hold grudges.
Scott Stevens... get bent.

:: Martin Brodeur is old [Philly]
Sure is.

:: Flyers website has a nice game preview [Flyers]


:: About the mental impact of the playoffs [Devils]
Along the lines of, wah wah wah.

:: 2 Man Advantage has a front page post about them playing the Pens [2MA]
Don't see the relevance, but it's entertaining.



Looking forward to and hoping for a big performance
from the big guy tonight.

He's been awesome in net so far,
with 1 goal allowed last game and it was off an bad bounce

I think he wants his redemption,
and I sure as hell hope he earns it.


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