Friday, April 23, 2010

Gimme that series. FLYERS WIN!

3 0

How sweet it is.
Flyers win the series in 5.

We came in the 7th seed in the east,
playing the 2nd seed.

We knew that we had played well all season,
but with our 3rd goaltender in
and some sloppy play as of late, we weren't favorites.

and with two goals last night he definitely did.

Briere put in the early goal,
a really important to one to show that we wouldn't
give up without Gagne and Carter.

There's no need for a recap,
mostly because being at work only let me catch parts of the game.

In the end, the Flyers came out victorious.
Looking forward to the Caps or Habs next round.
Definitely praying on the Habs.

Also, great the see number 33 going out with a shutout,
it's the confidence needed for the second round.

P. S. Ian Lappiere is awesome. What a player.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Whoops. Looking to clinch. Game Day

Flyers lead series 3 - 1

Well my bad about not posting the last couple days.
It's been busy, but the Flyers won both crucial games at home.

We're now up 3 - 1 in the series
looking to bring home a 5 game series tonight.

It's not going to be easy with Carter and Gagne both out
due to right foot injuries.
If only the training staff was just faking out the Debbies.

Ol' Sister-in-law Banger has been cracked.
We've shown his weaknesses,
and now it's just about exposing them.

We'll definitely need a few guys to step up tonight with more
ice time and a bigger role.


If Giroux can make any of the sick plays he normally makes,
and just bump them up to a higher frequency,
I'll be a true believer.

JVR would just be nice to step up in general.
He's young, and has time to develop, but regardless it'd be nice.

Carter and Gagne may hurt us,
but I think they still have a shot to finish them off tonight.


:: Devils hope to stay alive against depleted Flyers [ Yahoo ]
Pretty much the story of tonight's game.

:: Not looking to repeat the 1999 3 -1 series lead [ Philly ]
One of the most heartbreaking series of my life

:: Betts' Blog [ Flyers ]
Wanna know what Blair Betts had for dinner?



:: Kovalchuk is guaranteeing a win tonight. [ Yahoo ]
Just like he was gaurenteed to be the difference NJ needed.
Also, an article about Jelly and Lou Lam and how he needs to win cause he's old.

:: No, really he threw Jelly at his players [ NJ ]
Nothing like Welch's for some motivation.



Well he's definitely looking for his redemption.
No questions asked.

If he keeps playing the way he has been,
he definitely has it.

Games Played: 4
Record: 3 - 1
GAA: 1.98
Shots Against: 106
Saves: 98
Save %: 92.0

Pretty solid numbers if you ask me.

Let's just hope he keeps it going.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Series 2 - 1 Flyers lead.

[ Recap ]

The parts of the game not spent in the penalty box were great.
I felt like I was watching an episode of Prison Break,
except no one had a good tatoo.

Yes, that is seriously the penalty summary.

I'm not even complaining about how bad the calls were,
most of them were justified,
but there's a point where you have to let em play.

The Flyers got away with a penalty call on Clarkson for interference.

The game was pretty evenly matched throughout,
but we will admit that Brodeur was playing so well
we aren't sure he wasn't cheating...

BOOSH was playing on fire,
he only let a pair in, and he played really well.

The man of the night is Carcillo.
Cannon is a completely applicable nickname.

His goony goal celebration was just awesome,
he was so excited he couldn't decide who to hug first.
Gagne was the lucky winner of the who to hug game,
and he probably needed one after hitting the post with an
open net the size of Tiger's repertoire.

Recap isn't going to be detailed,
but it'll get the job done.

=============1st Period=============

First period was full of some decent hockey play.

Jersey scored first, Rolston with a slapper to beat Boucher on the power play
for something or other. Dirty.

1 - 0


Couple minutes later, Giroux gets the tip in.

1 - 1

Some back and forth and more penalties until the period ends.

=============2nd Period============

The Flyers came out looking pretty good in the second.
It's nice to see Carter at least putting some effort in, now he needs some more.

No picture, but Carcillo get's a nice assist to Richards.
Let's make it
1 - 2

The guys seemed to lose a little speed here, and the Devils were putting the pressure on.
BOOSH was looking good, gotta give him props for that.

Brian Rolston get's another goal 3:30 or so left in the period to tie it up.

2 - 2

=============3rd Period=============

This is the period where Sister-in-Law Banger really made his appearance.

He looked good all game, but now he decided he was going to be a brick wall.

Gagne misses a grossly open net midway through the period.
There are a few power plays here and there that don't prove fruitful for either team.

At this point, the Devils deserve to lose, and Brodeur is looking like he'll save the game.

Luckily we were well endowed in net at the other end.

There are a few chances that get me excited enough to almost change my pants, but no goald (witty I know).

=============OT Period=============

The Flyers came out and decided they didn't care how many of his wife's family members
Brodeur had slept with, he wouldn't be getting away with another win.

They were all over him, Richards had a few shots right into Brodeurs pads,
and then caught just enough of a rebound to get the puck over to the well positioned Cannon.

Carcillo buries it and then proceeds to give us an awesome celebration.

He's just too excited.

2 - 3

The Carbomb pulls 2 points, a goal and an assist.

[credit to whoever actually made this]

-Obviously Carcillo showed up to play. Love it.
-Still mad at Gagne for that miss.
-Richards has stepped up so far in the playoffs, looking good.
-Brodeur can be beat, it just takes some patience
-Having BOOSH playing this well is nice.


Sign Guy Sighting:

We love how awkward Hartnell finds a way to look:


Let's Take the Third. Game Day.

Series tied 1 - 1


Well, let's not discuss Game 2.
Sorry for the lack of a recap, but I only caught the first,
and it was a rough loss anyway.

Tonight they bring it home to Philly.

BOOSH has had better games in his past,
but he didn't play terribly and I still have faith.

He let a soft goal or two in,
but the team didn't play well enough for a win.

You had to expect that from the 2nd team in the conference,
honestly we weren't supposed to win the first one.

We went 1 - 1 away, have to respect that,
and we're gonna make it 2 - 1 tonight.

Richards has really stepped up so far,
let's hope the rest of the offense jumps in too.

We don't want them sitting back on their haunches because they won one away,
and we know they have a tendency to do that.


:: Bett's Blog [Flyers]
I respect the use of alliteration.

:: Pronger is lanky? and a good leader. [Philly]
Decent article, dunno about him being lanky though.

:: Carter is frustrated with lack of production [Philly]
Yea well he probably should be,
haven't seen him do much but miss high and wide this post season.
Yes, I write this while wearing his jersey.


:: The Debbies recap [Devils]
Ehh, they don't really put articles out,
gotta find something.

:: Kovalchuck commits to many penalties [NJ]
Yup, keep em coming.

:: Devil prepare for Flyers [NJ]
honestly, that link is worth clicking for the picture alone.


The Penguins and the Capitals tied their series up.

It'd be more fun to just watch both teams lose,
winning is great, but it's so much sweeter when the Pens are losing.

Penguins vs. Senators 1 - 1
Capitals vs. Canadians 1 - 1
Kings vs. Canucks 1 - 1
Bruins vs. Sabres 1 - 1
Red Wings vs. Coyotes 1 - 1
Predators vs. Blackhawks 1 - 0
Sharks vs. Avalanche 1 - 1

Yes, ever single match-up except one is 1 - 1.
I'm not quite sure how the Preds and Blackhawks have only
played 1 game.

It's a great playoffs.

The [Pensblog] has a pretty funny video with Sutton being a wah wah.



Friday, April 16, 2010

Lookin for a Repeat - Game Day Game 2

Awkard Face is Awkward


Here's the big time,
have to wait and see if the Flyers can do it twice in a row.

It would be an awesome momentum holder,
not to mention I love seeing Martin Brodeur lose.

I think it all comes down to BOOSH again,
we have to hope he keeps playing like rookie season.

The Flyboys really need Hartnell to step up and stop looking this awkward:

Oh noooo, I'm doing lots of nothing.

With the way he's been playing lately I'd rather see this kid in there


Anyway, gonna have to keep this short since it's posted
so close to game time.


:: "We came here to get one, and now we're looking for two and to go back to home ice with a 2-0 lead," winger Scott Hartnell said after Thursday's practice at the Prudential Center. [Philly]
Good, Sidney Crysby would be there for Malkin when he needed a shoulder to cry on,
hopefully Hartnell will be there for the team.

:: The Scott Stevens v. Pronger analysis [Philly]
Let's just say, I hold grudges.
Scott Stevens... get bent.

:: Martin Brodeur is old [Philly]
Sure is.

:: Flyers website has a nice game preview [Flyers]


:: About the mental impact of the playoffs [Devils]
Along the lines of, wah wah wah.

:: 2 Man Advantage has a front page post about them playing the Pens [2MA]
Don't see the relevance, but it's entertaining.



Looking forward to and hoping for a big performance
from the big guy tonight.

He's been awesome in net so far,
with 1 goal allowed last game and it was off an bad bounce

I think he wants his redemption,
and I sure as hell hope he earns it.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

It Continues. FLYERS WIN.

Ahhh, isn't it nice?

Seeing the Flyers win a first round, first game.
Hasn't happened since 2004 against Toronto.

A first game win was exactly what we needed,
it got a little tense at times, but they pulled it through well.
It's great to win away, and get all the confidence.

Also, the Jersey crowd sucks.
People were leaving with 3 minutes left in the playoffs,
don't they know anything can happen?

Boucher showed up, oh hell did he show up.


Boucher played like the goalie he was 10 years ago.
Great game.

Little upset that the Devils fans had a bit of a presence at the game,
it wasn't amazing, but it was more than expected.

Excuse me for the write-up.
I missed the entire first period,
caught most of the 2nd,
and the very end of the third.

=============FIRST PERIOD=============

From what I can tell the first period was pretty balanced.

Good saves from both goalies, each team playing decent, a little bit of a Flyer's advantage.

No goals, nothing too amazing.

============SECOND PERIOD============

Here's where the game got interesting.
The Flyers kicked it up a notch, and started playing well as a team.

There were a few good Debbies chances early, but nothing too big.
Boucher was playing well.

The Flyers capitalized on a bit of a mess up and Richard's headed down ice with the puck,
Pronger crashed the net, and ended up getting a bit of a sloppy goal of a defender's skate

1 - 0

A bit of time goes by with the Flyers clearly having the advantage
and before you know it Lappiere to Richards, done & done.

2 - 0

From now on Boucher will always be referred to as BOOSH because he really picked it up.

The rest of the period went with some more Flyer's Dominance.

=============END OF THIRD PERIOD=============

So I came in to this period at just about the right time to see the Debbies score.
3 minutes left in the game, they get somewhat of a a lucky bounce,
and put one past BOOSH

2 - 1
No, that picture does not have anything to do with anything.

Then the Devils really kick it into gear.
What's left of the crowd starts to get into the game
and they pull ol' Sister-in-Law Banger.
He hobbles to the bench saying "Where's your sister, woman?"

A close call with 10 seconds left,
but to no avail thank to BOOSH.

- Pronger had an awesome game (woo fantasy)
- Hartnell played pretty much like Hartnell
- We can definitely win this series
- Richards shows some good effort with the goal
- I need a TV that plays the games :(


Series Lead!

We're still looking forward to emails with anything to contribute.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's Do It. GameDay (1-1)

7:30 pm

And so it begins.

Let's hope like in the picture above Hartnell actually does something.
We know he didn't all season.

Today is a good game for momentum.
If you can win while you're away,
it gives a big confidence boost to the team.

Then again, with the Debbie's attendance records...
it's practically a home game anyway.

With the record we've had against the Devil's this season,
we can only hope the Flyers keep up the good work against them.

And we all know that their biggest asset is goaltending,
the forwards will have to find a way to get it past ol' Sister-in-Law Banger.
errr... I mean Martin Brodeur.

"To all the people who knew about it and didn't say anything, I appreciate it,"

Way to be a role model Marty.
Lord knows he'll be called Marty throughout the game too.

The recap tomorrow may be a bit late and un-detailed,
trying to balance everything will prove to be tough.

But I'll hang in there just like Marty did in order to be with
his wife's sister.


:: Flyers want to watch the cheap penalties [Philly]
Obvious statement is obvious.
Hartnell, we're looking at you

:: Flyers are focusing on getting back to last year's goal numbers [Philly]
Yes, slightly obvious, but very true.
We simply don't have the scoring depth we did last year,
Giroux and JVR didn't step up quite as much as we wish.

:: Flyers website has a pretty good series analysis [Flyers]
Breaks down the season record, offense, and defense.


:: The Devils have no real info on their home page, but they do have this!
Yes, that's a playoff beard contest.
Here's to hoping they barely get past 5 o' clock shadow.

:: Something about Kovalchuk being excited to play the Flyers [Devils]
Blah blah blah, nothing to report.


:: Oilers won the draft lottery [NHL]
Congrats on being terrible!

:: Something about Ovechkin liking hockey [NHL]
It was either post this, or an article about the Pens.
Completely surprised the team is highlight Ovechkin and Crosby.


I'd also like to note all the Crosby jerseys I've seen today,
living in central Pennsylvania and all.

It's good to see people supporting hockey,
and I have no problem with fans from other teams (ok except maybe Pen fans),
but it is fun to see if they have ever seen more than a period of a hockey game.


Feel free to send us anything you might want posted on the blog.
Photoshops, pictures, news stories, etc. etc. we'll look it over.