Thursday, April 22, 2010

Whoops. Looking to clinch. Game Day

Flyers lead series 3 - 1

Well my bad about not posting the last couple days.
It's been busy, but the Flyers won both crucial games at home.

We're now up 3 - 1 in the series
looking to bring home a 5 game series tonight.

It's not going to be easy with Carter and Gagne both out
due to right foot injuries.
If only the training staff was just faking out the Debbies.

Ol' Sister-in-law Banger has been cracked.
We've shown his weaknesses,
and now it's just about exposing them.

We'll definitely need a few guys to step up tonight with more
ice time and a bigger role.


If Giroux can make any of the sick plays he normally makes,
and just bump them up to a higher frequency,
I'll be a true believer.

JVR would just be nice to step up in general.
He's young, and has time to develop, but regardless it'd be nice.

Carter and Gagne may hurt us,
but I think they still have a shot to finish them off tonight.


:: Devils hope to stay alive against depleted Flyers [ Yahoo ]
Pretty much the story of tonight's game.

:: Not looking to repeat the 1999 3 -1 series lead [ Philly ]
One of the most heartbreaking series of my life

:: Betts' Blog [ Flyers ]
Wanna know what Blair Betts had for dinner?



:: Kovalchuk is guaranteeing a win tonight. [ Yahoo ]
Just like he was gaurenteed to be the difference NJ needed.
Also, an article about Jelly and Lou Lam and how he needs to win cause he's old.

:: No, really he threw Jelly at his players [ NJ ]
Nothing like Welch's for some motivation.



Well he's definitely looking for his redemption.
No questions asked.

If he keeps playing the way he has been,
he definitely has it.

Games Played: 4
Record: 3 - 1
GAA: 1.98
Shots Against: 106
Saves: 98
Save %: 92.0

Pretty solid numbers if you ask me.

Let's just hope he keeps it going.


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