Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Quiet Before The Storm

So here we go.

Could the Pens have any bigger of an e-penis?
I've never seen so much smack talk in my life.

So, unlike Becky, I've got no problem trash talking up a storm.

You guys start out the first round with a sweep against the Sens,
Yea the team that fell apart the last month of the season... what a joke.

Then you parade around like you're some type of god,
The Islanders could sweep the Sens.

As much as you guys want to bitch and moan about the stats,
the Flyers did take the season series 5 - 3, and because it's a true stat...
it's a pretty valid source and throwing it away is denial.

The second round you faced the Rags, and I'll admit you had a good series.
Then again, it was obvious NY wasn't playing their best,
and Jagr's gay landing strip 'goatee' wasn't helping.

In that series, it was shown that you guys weren't so unstoppable.
So the Flyers are just gonna keep on doing what they do.

"Don't worry, I'm the 'Next One!' (not quite as good as Ovechkin)"

God how many times have we heard this? Pens, get new material.

There is only so much I can point out that everyone can see right through.
Skill is skill, but nothing beats heart.


Just... no.

On a note to Cindy - before you try to grow a playoff beard... be able to grow a beard.

You'd look less douchey if you just said you don't believe in superstitions,
but no, you had to attempt.



The guys over at The Pens-Are-My-Life-Blog have decided that
no one ever gets away with diving. [ The Pensblog ].

In fact, they claim that Crosby has not even been called for diving before,
so I guess he never dives, right... pulling at straws boys, try to maintain dignity.

I'll 1up you guys, here's a VIDEO of him getting called for it:

Not to mention this may be the only time in history diving has been called without the original 'penalty'.

You're welcome, and this next video is just an obvious dive.

That's good enough evidence for me.


On a more solemn note:

Kimmo Timonen is out indefinitely and the estimate is 3 months.
He has a blood clot in his left leg/foot and it's a pretty scary situation.

It couldn't have come at a worse time for the Flyers,
but we just hope he's alright.

We also hope they don't put Modry in.


I'll put up news and gameday post tomorrow.


antelope said...

It's a sad day when Danny Briere out-playoff-beards someone. Nice try Cindy.

(OK, so I'll talk a little smack and call him Cindy more than once.)


Anonymous said...

pensblog wannabe.

Anonymous said...

Pensblog light? Then again... isn't that the point?

Andrew S said...

haha Cindy. New material anyone?

Anonymous said...

you say the pens think they are some kind of gods because we beat the sens in 4 games...i dont think anyone thinks they are gods, they're just that good, they should have swept the sens and they did. if the pens played the caps in round 1, they wouldnt have gone 7 games...

rangers in 5 games? you really think the flyers could have done that?

get new material and save us from reading the same jokes for the third series in a row


Anonymous said...

Flyers took the Canadians, #1 Seed that is, in 5 games. So I hardly see how they would be unable to take the Rags in the same or even less? Especially when they're playing like they were.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You do a real fine job of copying everything that PensBlog has been doing since day 1. I suppose I can't blame you for trying to copy the best out there. Still, you should try to do something original. Come game time, lets see if you get over 1000 comments on 1 post. At this point, just let us know when you ever get to 1000 total posts ok? You can even count this one. Consider it a consolation prize for being a loser.

MattB said...

In the first video, Crosby was speared by Jason Blake with about 30 seconds left in a 5-2 Pens win. He jumped up and went after Blake, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the process. Diving was not called. (

In the second video, if you could see the play from the other angle, you would see Crosby take a butt end to the mouth off the opening faceoff.

All this proves is that Sid takes numerous cheap shots from opponents on a nightly basis. The spear by Blake was not even called a penalty. There is no evidence of diving or whining in either of these videos.

james said...

here we go with this "won the season series" talk again. ottawa won the season series 3-1. new york won the season series 5-3. IT IS MEANINGLESS NOW.

you want to talk about how ottawa was playing terrible. well the same could be said for montreal. they went 7 games with boston for the love of god.

the fact of the matter is you morons will cry "DIVE" after every single penalty is drawn. funny how the bulk of this "cindy is a diver" bullshit comes from philly, new york, and washington

Anonymous said...

It's the Pensblog little sister. Just not funny.


dunn5656 said...

you know what's great. you give the "we won the season series and you can't argue with fact" argument, then say our win over the Rangers was not impressive because of Jagr's playoff landing strip. ummmm, wow, hard hitting journalism.

ps-nice rip off of Pens blog. enjoy the next 4 games, it'll be tee time soon girls.

FlyerTears said...


FlyerTears said...

The Power of Gary Compels You to commit blogicide.

Ashley said...

This whole "we won the season series" thing is crap and Flyer fans should know better.

Montreal swept their season series against both Boston and Philadelphia. Montreal almost lost their series to Boston, and Philly won their series in 5 games.

Anonymous said...

The Orange Crush: Like ThePensBlog, only shitty

Anonymous said...

if you wanted to call sid a diver, find some videos that show it. not one where the replay shows a clear SPEAR and then the next one where he gets but-ended in the throat off the faceoff. do your hw man.

sidney's pencil mustache said...

do you think crosby is the pitcher, or the catcher with malkin? I could see Hossa trying to get into "sexy-time" with those two, but they're so into themselves, they wouldn't want another cock in the mix. I can't wait for Crosby/Richards matchup tonight. Fuck Modry, put in Parent!

Anonymous said...

its a shame that neither of those so called 'dives' were actually dives. is that the best material you've got?
Pens in 5 (and im being generous)

Seeker said...

OWNED ??????

Your mission was to show proof of a dive. You failed. There wasn't even a diving penalty called.

By the way...are you claiming the Cryers won the season series 5-3 OR are you claiming the Pens tanked the last game out of fear?

You can't have it BOTH ways.


Anonymous said...

@sidney's pencil mustache

Way to bring the compeling argument to the table. But I am sure when you were 20 years old, having led the NHL in scoring the previous year and winning 3 trophies in the process, you too had a facial hair challage.

Oh wait, you only the facial hair challange and some warm Pop-Tarts your mother brought down to the basement for you.


Anonymous said...

In the words of Sidney Crosby, from Pens Nation to Philadelphia

"You dead, you're fuckin dead"

In all seriousness. In my opinion as a Pens fan, the Flyers are a lot more dangerous than the Habs, even if we have home ice. Cumberger scares the shit outta me, but you guys know he has to cool. And when that happens you guy are gonna get ran. The only way to win this series is if Cumberger improves his play and caries this team.

If the NHL was our Solar System
Crosby = Sun
Malkin = Jupiter
Cumberger = Somewhere in the ort could with other nobodies like Dan Briere and Biron.

Marty Biron

from the movie 'The Rock'
(not Rob Scuderi's biography)

General Hummel: I have choked on these lies my entire career. Well here and now the lies stop!

It's a lie and a farce Biron will fall on his face.

Евгений Малкин

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Sid will have self-esteem issues about his facial hair when he's playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Grant said...

not gunna try and convince you crosby doesnt dive cuz he doesnt really or that every does cuz they all do even flyers.

But as per your two videos, i'd love to spear you in the stomach and see your reaction. If you knew anything about hockey you'd know how bad that hurts.

dulund said...

This has got to be the longest day in history.

It would appear that BGL has ceded his job of protecting Crosby to the Pensblog attack-whiners.

Dives are a part of the game and they work well for Crosby. Why shouldn't he take them? It's his only defense aside from turtling. he actually pushed himself away from JASON BLAKE. If you're going to get an unsportsmanlike, make it count--show up.

Stoosh said...

Not sure where you were reading that Pens fans were gloating about sweeping Ottawa. Pens fans were happy, but most Pens fans were well aware that the second round would be much tougher and there were bigger fish to fry.

I'm not going to try to defend the way the Sens played in the postseason. Had the season gone another week, Ottawa probably wouldn't have made the playoffs.

But in doing so, the Pens still made Heatley (41 goals, 82 points in the reg. season) and Spezza (92 reg. season points) absolute non-factors. Spezza and Heatley combined for ZERO goals, two assists and were a -9 in the series. What's that they say about elite-level players rising to the occassion when it counts?

As far as the Rangers go, I suppose in some alternate universe Jagr's facial hair really had something to do with the way the series went. I tend to look at the fact that the Pens beat a Vezina Trophy finalist to the tune of 15 goals in five games. Brendan Shanahan, Chris Drury and Scott Gomez were relatively invisible, and in the three games in which he played, Sean Avery was mostly neutralized.

And as far as New York not playing their best, they scored 199 goals in 82 regular season games for an average of 2.4 goals per game. They scored 12 goals in five games against the Pens for an average of...wait for it...2.4 goals per game. Looks like we caught their offense at the same level it's been at all year. Nice try, though.

Furthermore, the seeds have nothing to do with who could who in the postseason. The Rangers probably would've given the Flyers a tougher series than Montreal did because the Rangers were willing to throw a check every once in a while, and they played a tighter-checking game that would've frustrated the Flyers' d-men on the breakouts and neutralized some of the forward depth the Flyers have. That's what they tried to do to the Pens and it worked only in Game Four. In every other game, the Pens proved to be too quick across all four lines.

The 8th-seed Bruins probably would've given the Pens a tougher series than the 7th-seed Sens did because the Bruins play that same tighter-checking game the Rangers played...not quite the same system, but close.

As far as the season series goes, it can't be ignored, but the Flyers also beat the Pens twice when Sabourin was in net. The only ice Sabourin's seeing in the post-season is the ice in his Pepsi. The Pens also did not have Hossa, Dupuis and Gill for five of those eight games. Pre-deadline, the Pens were 1-4. Post-deadline, they were 2-1 with the one loss being the final game of the year where both teams were just playing to get the game out of the way.

Anonymous said...

this blog is awesome!

any chance of ordering some more WWKHD? bracelets before this series is over?

Anonymous said...

pens != clobbered