Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Clobbering Time

Alright it's been an anxious week to say the least.
There's been enough feces thrown between Flyers and Pens fans to impress a monkey.

Now it all comes down to who gets work done.
All the smack talk doesn't mean anything when you're down by 2, got that Pens?

Game is tonight at 7:30pm at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, and we figure since it starts there,
the Flyers will stun them in their own house.

The Flyers have been thirsty for the cup since 1975 and this year they've got a real shot.
We've got a young team, with some deep scoring (Only team in the league with seven 20+ goal scorers).

Any Flyers fan knows what we're talking about... you can just feel it.
Don't get caught on your heels Pens, we're out for blood.


There has been a ton of discussion on Kimmo in the past few days.

There has been a lot of speculation as to who will replace Kimmo in the line-up.
Modry will probably take his place, and Parent is the other candidate.
We're honestly hoping it's not Modry at this point unless he steps up his game and plays like a vet. (heh)

:: Quick Interview with Kimmo: [ Hockey Buzz ]
We'll post the entire thing because everyone wants to know.


Q: What is your reaction to what has happened?
Timonen: “Hugely disappointed obviously. I was not expecting to get this result this morning. It’s the most disappointing thing in my hockey life for sure.

Q: What are the doctors telling you?
Timonen: “It’s a blood clot. They were able to see it really well. They were thinking about a couple of options, either having surgery and try to remove it, but the best option for me I think is going on clot thinners and hopefully those things help.”

Q: Are they telling you how long it might take for the blood clot to thin out?
Timonen: “Nobody knows that, but I started today and we are going to have a check up at the end of next week. Nobody really knows. It’s probably individual how that blood thinner works.”

Q: Emotionally what is this like for you?
Timonen: “It’s an awful feeling. I was expecting to play tomorrow and you go into the hospital to make sure everything is all right and come out knowing that the season is over pretty much. How many times in your life do you get the chance to play in the Conference Finals and maybe the Stanley Cup Finals? So it is the most disappointing moment in my life hockey wise.”

Q: Your team has overcome injuries before. You have been a real key to your team’s success. What do you see happening here?
Timonen: “Exactly like you said, we had some key guys out of the lineup the whole year and now hopefully somebody can take my role. I am sure there is going to be somebody playing really well. I am just hoping this is not a huge distraction for the team because now we are talking about the (Eastern) Conference Finals and hopefully those guys can focus on winning the game tomorrow. I am sure everybody is really focused and ready to go tomorrow.”

Q: How big is the clot?
Timonen: “I was not able to see. It is noticeable, but I cannot say how big it is.”

Q: You have been through a similar injury like this before in Nashville haven’t you?
Timonen: “Like five years ago in a similar situation, I got hit by the puck, same ankle. A lot of pain came and there was a blood clot.”

Q: Do you remember when this injury happened in the game?
Timonen: “It happened the last shift of the game. I think we were killing a penalty or it was 6-on-5 and I think it was (Andrei) Markov who shot it from the point and it hit my ankle.”

Q: What did they do after that?
Timonen: “We treated it like it was a normal bone bruise and it felt like it too. We iced it down and did the exact same thing we do with this kind of injury. In Game 5 in Montreal, I started feeling a little numbness in my toes and I was able to play through it that game and it was a little painful. Sunday we had a day off and Monday we practiced, same kind of feeling, a little numbness on my toes and Tuesday we had a day off and yesterday same kind of feeling and we decided to do a check up and see what is going on there and today we found out.”

Q: Did you have any idea, with a past similar injury, that this could be what it was?
Timonen: “Not at all because last time when I had it five years ago it was really painful, I couldn’t sleep at night and this time I have been sleeping pretty well. This has not been as painful at all like it was five years ago. I wasn’t expecting to get this kind of result.”

Q: What did the doctors tell you in terms of the risk factor if you tried to play and got hit in the same area?
Timonen: “I asked the doctor the worst case scenario what could happen and he said, ‘if you get hit there again the blood clot might break up and go down to your toes and then we have to cut off your toes’ so that is not a very good scenario.”

Q: Where are you right now?
Timonen: “I am at home right now.”

Q: Are you allowed to do any exercise?
Timonen: “I didn’t ask anything about exercise. We are going to do a check up next week and see if it’s any better and kind of go from there.”

Q: What is the best-case scenario?
Timonen: “That hopefully it is better next week. I honestly asked the doctor do you have any hope playing this series and he said only if it really goes well the next week and a half to two weeks.”

Q: Have you spoken to any of your teammates?
Timonen: “I have a lot of text messages, but it’s been a busy day, so I have not had the chance to talk to anybody besides my parents and my brothers. I am going to talk to Sami (Kapanen) probably tonight and I am going to give John Stevens a call tonight too.”

Q: Are you going to make any trips to Pittsburgh or are you going to stay home?
Timonen: “I actually talked to our team guy and I would like to be there tomorrow, but we will see if that is a possibility. I would like to be there that’s for sure.”

Q: Do you still have to ice it?
Timonen: ” No.”

So there you have it. Here's to a healthy and speedy recovery Timonen.
Would love to see him back to kick some Pens ass, unless Crysby is diving like always.
Yes, bitch about this in the comments... I know you will :)


Statue Owned = Statowned

On a much lighter note, we just want to send a big "You're a CHAMP!" to a reader of TOC.
He owned the statue of Art Rooney, founder of the Steelers, in front of Heinz Field.

So much for the Crosby jersey business, our payback is just so much more... sincere.
Not to mention, we think he looks better in orange and black.
(Then again what doesn't)

Craiglist ad has been fulfilled [ Craiglist ]
Seems like we've beat the Pens to any real Rocky posting what's up [ The Pensblog ] ?
Sure you guys got a jersey at the feet of the statue... but no pics?

Dear Pens, The Orange Crush would like to offer you a quick message:

[J├╝rgen J.]

Call in your tee times now for next week boys, you'll want to get out early to beat the Caps.

You can check out [ Golf Philly ] for some information on a local club since you'll be in Philly after the sweep.


:: John Stevens is the man, and one hell of a coach [ ]
The idea, as Stevens said the other day, "is that all the ingredients by themselves aren't that appealing.
But when you mix them with some fire you come up with a better product in the end. That's kind of who you are.

:: Crosby dislikes Hatcher - no one cares [ ]
It's not even a competition, favorite quote from article:
"Sidney Crosby has not forgotten losing three teeth, courtesy of defenseman Derian Hatcher's high stick,
during his rookie year in the NHL."
High stick... or shear power?

:: Flyers are deep with four good lines [ ]
We know, but just to further back us up.


The Wings came out to walk all over the Stars last night unfortunately.
If this continues our King Leonidus vs. Messenger story will prevail, and no one wants that.

[ ]

We just hope to see more close games in the Conference Finals, everone knows the Wings are good,
but they aren't unstoppable.

Detroit leads the series 1 - 0


:: Crosby and Hossa are becoming butt buddies [ Penguins ]
Malkin cried to himself last night as Crosby snuck into Hossa's room.

:: Crosby is worried about Sir R.J. of Umberger [ PG ]
He damn well should be.

:: The Mellon Arena plays the game on a huge Jumbo [ PG ]
That's actually cool as shit, a huge drunken tailgate party just outside.



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Funny said...

For someone who hates the Penguins so much, you sure had no problem ripping off thepensblog's style and format. But I presume you'll just make it like you developed it all on your own. Too bad you're not nearly as funny as them.

Keep dreamin' of the cup.

Stoosh said...

Jobbing 101

If you're going to job a proper name, make sure basic things like spelling are accurate.

Heinz Field.

Not "Heinze" Field.

Mike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike said...

Actually, I'm just down for a good rivalry and not in utter hatred of the pens. And I'll openly admit it's obviously based off the Pensblog... but nice try. And good catch stoosh.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in Pittsburgh cares about what is done to Art Rooney's statue. Most likely this is the first time anyone noticed that Art Rooney had a statue in the first place.

Whistler said...

Wow.. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery..

If it wasn't for the god awful orange and the pictures of little girls (Briere) I would think I was reading thepensblog

seeker said...

Thank you Cryer phans for putting that jersey on Art Rooney (who was at least a REAL person and not a fictional character in a movie based on a real boxer from New Jersey)!

It worked-out SO well for those Habs fans doing it to your statue didn't it?

Nothing like royally jinxing your team....LOSERS.

I guess the Cryers WANT go go golfing after 5 games!

Chase said...

wow...seriously? Isn't this like, copyright infringement or something? Well, it would be if the pensblog was copyrighted anyway.

Can't you think of your own thing?
I guess i shouldn't expect much intelligence or creativity from a Flyers fan though. Silly me.

Travis said...

i love how you mention that hatcher knocked crosbys teeth out.

in case you forgot how that game ended it was crosby scoring the game winning goal on a break away in OT. oh and he also scored the game tying goal in the 3rd to send it to OT.

provoke crosby some more though it seems to work out well for you guys..

FlyerTears said...

joke. not the funny kind.

Maybe the reason Philthy fans are always so miserable, is you set your expectations so high. Be happy you're allowed to play with the big boys for a quick round.


WOOOOO! said...

i was just suprised some steeler yinzer didnt beat you to the statue and but Bettis garb on him.



Pensblog Staff said...


kristin said...

ooof. that was fairly suck filled.

Anonymous said...




Travis said...

hey i missed the game tonight.. did anyone see who won. My prediction was malkin 2 goals, crosby 1, and sykora 1. and a penguin 4-2 victory. Please tell me if I was right.


what did you think was going to happen????

jaos said...

w00000000 go pens!

somechic said...

I scroll down and i see "May 8th 2008-- THE QUIET BEFORE THE STORM" That's a misprint TOC it should simply read "THE QUIET". Edit before you post next time.

The Big K said...

Way to complete rip off of the Pensblog!
Hope you had fun watching the game tonight.
You're gonna have to get used to that now.

Anonymous said...

sweep eh? how's that goin for ya?
its one thing to be confident...its another to be downright foolish.
you cant beat us at the igloo! Pens in 5!

FireFox said...

The funniest thing about this whole thing is PensBlog comming in with the "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO".

Ok, Orange Crust...

"There's been enough feces thrown between Flyers and Pens fans to impress a monkey."

Ok, that was funny. You get a point.

"Now it all comes down to who gets work done.
All the smack talk doesn't mean anything when you're down by 2, got that Pens?"

Got it, that is why we only let you get a 1 goal lead before crushing your hopes and dreams.

"the Flyers will stun them in their own house"

Oh someone was stunned...stunned at that wicked slapper Geno ripped through Biron.

"We've got a young team, with some deep scoring"

Deep throating me thinks.

*Crosby Garbage Pail Kid*

This was actually pretty good. You get another point. Of course the photoshoping is just something else you copied from PensBlog.

"Statue Owned = Statowned"

No sooner did you post this did someone "deface" your stupid Rocky statue. Even with people "guarding" it it was just that easy. Sad. Meanwhile, no one gives a crap about the Rooney statue. Many Pens fans are sick of hearing about the Steelers so we just don't care. Certainly not enough to have people camping out and guarding it. And the guys that got the Rocky statue did a great job. It looks like they put their underwear on his head. OWNED!

"Call in your tee times now for next week boys, you'll want to get out early to beat the Caps. You can check out [ Golf Philly ] for some information on a local club since you'll be in Philly after the sweep."

You seem to have misplaced your broom. Thats okay, the Pens lost their golf clubs too. Psst...the Pens WON tonight.

Not many Flyers fans in your blog here. They must be out crying over their cheesesteak.


FireFox said...

Oh, look what I found in small print at the bottom of your first ever post...

"**TOCB is not a direct copy of any well known hockey blogs... we swear."


Anonymous said...

Where's the crafty posts at this morning? No "nice dive Sidney" or "quit whining Sidney" remarks? The only diving and whining I saw last night came from the black and orange. You fellas talked trash all week, now get your team to back it up a little better, we were looking for at least a little bit of a tune-up before we head off to Detroit or Dallas for Our dance with Lord Stanley.

gg said...

I'm not a pens fan, and I'm certainly not a flyers fan. But honestly, the guy openly admits he took the pensblog as an inspiration, and I see nothing wrong with this. I see this as a sort of tribute.
The citation in his first post is obviously irony.
The pensblog is one of the finest hockey blog, why rip this guy because he likes it and admits it? It's only the beginning of his blog, he'll eventually find his own tone and style, just give him a break.

Anonymous said...

There is no mercy in this series. Philthy and its fans will take the metaphorical cock of Pittsburgh down their throats.

PittHockey said...

what, no update?