Sunday, May 11, 2008

All Your Gay Are Belong to Us

Dear [ The Pensblog ], we have your precious Charlie.

After picking him up at the bar the other night while hanging out with the Flyers
(he has a thing for Danny Briere I guess), we kidnapped him.

At first Pensblog Charlie was a good guest, he cleaned the house and loved to bake.
Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst when he attempted to sneak into Briere's house.

Due to this we have had to tie him up... Oddly, he doesn't seem to mind and may be enjoying it.
(He keeps asking for the ropes to be tied tighter)

If you ever want to see Pensblog Charlie again,
and don't want him to become Orange Crush David,
we suggest that you come up with Sidney Crosby's Salary for next season $9,000,000.

We expect payment by money order for two reasons:
1) Paypal is awful.
2) Gas prices aren't worth driving somewhere to meet you.

If you fail to comply with our demands, you can kiss your gay jokes goodbye!



Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight.
The Flyers lost the first game on the road Friday night, and we'll be looking to split the series tonight.

The Flyers have lost the first game of every series so far, so we're really not that worried.
That just means it's time to talk about some Pens media.

:: Therrien has learned a lot about coaching! [ PG ]
Good thing your coach is still in the learning process...

In the west, Detroit upped the series to 2 - 0 even though Osgood is a bitch.

In case you couldn't tell, Osgood hits Ribeiro in the face with the butt of his stick.
Then when he gets hit in the chest, he has a seizure and wins Bitch of The Year.


What Ya Drinkin'

Now I present to you the new Orange Crush game called What Ya Drinkin'.

The rules are simple:
- Take a picture of what you are drinking during the game next to something Flyers related (Jersey, Puck, Hat, Bag, etc. etc.)
- Send that picture to
- Get your pictures posted on the home page after every game, or whenever we have enough to post.

It's that simple. So here is the first

[Mike R.]


Cindy has refused to listen to us about his ridiculous face blob.

This reminds us of something...


7:30 tonight, nothing else matters.


BlacknGold66 said...

You kidnapped our Charlie you dirty sons-a-bitches!!!

Let me be the FIRST to say that this will not stand.

This. Will. Not. Stand.

Anonymous said...

As a Flyers fan, I think we've gotta be worried. The Pens were way better than us in game 1 and I am not sure if we have the athleticism on our defense to contend. Sad to say, but this series might be over in 4 or 5 :-(

Joshua said...

Nice Beavis and Butthead reference. That was always one of my favorites

If you're gonna walk the walk, you gotta, like, talk too or something.

Susan said...


GG said...

Given the number of pens fans posting comments around here, I'll take anonymous' claim that he/she is a flyers fan with a grain of salt...

Anonymous said...

Alright - I gave this blog a week. I thought maybe I'd give it a shot seeing as how the Flyers are not represented by any decent blogs out there, but I'm done with even looking from this point on. Good luck on trying to steal everything from thepensblog.

Why they continue to link to you is beyond me.

PittHockey said...


even with the refs on your side you suck

jaos said...

What is up with Cold Sore Stevens? Did Charlie have a run in with the coach?

snickerdoodles said...

You Fiends!!!
Don't worry, Charlie! We Will Save You!!!!!

May the fleas of 1,000 camels infest the Orange Crusher's naughty bits!!!!

The Big K said...

You completely rip off everything about tPB.
Unoriginal bitch you are.

2-0 Pens.

It's not only 1 game anymore, douche.

FireFox said...

Ok, I figured it out. This blog isn't run by a Flyer fan. It is a PensBlog phantom site. The format and the wit about it is just too damn much like PensBlog. The whole Charlie kidnapping thing made it too obvious with the gay references to Danny Briere and well just Charlie getting time here. Well played PensBlog. You guys are the best for a reason.


Anonymous said...

rip-off blog?