Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not Much to Say. Flyers Lose.

[ Recap ]
I don't even know what to say.

That little kids expression pretty much sums me up right now.
That is probably the worst game the Flyers have played this post season.

I understand Kimmo and Coburn are out, and of course that hurts.
But it doesn't hurt that bad, this was all about heart, which we obviously have none of.

The Flyers had as many completed passes and even more interceptions than Roethlisberger in '06.

What Ya Drinkin'

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[Mike L.]

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====================GAME RECAP====================

The game started out with some awful Versus-ness, though it wasn't as bad as usual.

Don Cherry was there looking as awesome as always.

There was also a great tribute to Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski who, if you haven't heard,
died Saturday during bank robbery. He was a die hard Flyers fan, and his son started a Let's Go Flyers chant after his funeral.

====================FIRST PERIOD====================

It all started out slow, the Flyers weren't looking too bad by this point though, hopes are high and the Wachovia Center is absolutely roaring.
The Orange Crush looks bad ass as normal and this time the shirts say "Why Not Us?".

The Carter Line was playing especially well, and keeping some good pressure on the Pens.
It was basically back-and-forth hockey, with a little more Pens time than Flyers.

3:33 in, Hatcher is called for a trip and it's kind of a weak call, but every call was weak in the first period so we aren't going to complain.
Then it's all down hill from there.

Whitney (we're not even actually sure if he plays for the Pens this was a first time hearing his name for us) gets a deflection off Smith for an early goal on the power play.
Yes, Jason Smith who plays for the Flyers.

1 - 0

The Flyers look pretty awful after that goal.

A few minutes later we pretty much let Hossa walk up to the top of the circles and let one rip past Marty making it 2 - 0.

MAF isn't looking particularly solid in net, but he's getting the job.
After some pressure by the Flyers, Kennedy decides to throw the puck over the boards out of his own zone, off too the power play we go.

Just kidding, less than 2 seconds in (or at least that's how it feels) Briere gets called for hooking, and makes his first appearance of the game.
The call was week and we were pissed, but what can you expect. Off to 4 on 4.

Just kidding again! The refs decide to call another weak call this time on the Pens, it was so weak that I'll admit to it. Not that I'm complaining.

The 4 on 3 is killed and 4 on 4 end. The Flyers are putting on some decent pressure and Knuble slides one across the back of the crease with a wide open goal.


The pressure continues, but it's killed off.

Just when we Flyers fans had lost all hope, Sir R.J. of Umberger tallies one on off a Fleurebound and we're back in the game.

2 - 1

Don't get your hopes up kiddies, that's as good as it gets.

Pens start to kill us on the fore check, and we get a power play thanks to a hooking call on Malone, but it goes nowhere.

With 1:00 left in the 1st, MAF stops a puck behind his net and misplays it.
Then, after clumsily falling into his own net, the Flyers somehow manage to not put the puck past him.

====================SECOND PERIOD====================

To be honest, the second period was a boring period of hockey.

The refs decided to not call anything this period except one tripping call on Upshall.
Good thing they are being consistent throughout the game...

I will mention that on that penalty kill, Marty Biron did flash that crazy ass glove hand of his.
He could catch a bullet with that thing.

On that same PK, Richards gets another short handed break away and as he come in on Fleury, Gonchar has a diving poke check.
We're sure Mike wants that one back.

Other mentionables are Harnell throwing some good hits and Briere trying too hard to make up for his slump, and in the process he's losing the puck in his fanciness.

====================THIRD PERIOD====================

Ugh. At this point, the Flyers need to turn the game around.
It starts out slow and uneventful.

It's about 5 minutes into the 3rd when it seems like no pass can connect between the Flyers.
While the Flyers are unable to even bring the puck up ice, the Penguins defense is looking even stronger.

In the middle of the period, Versus decides they no longer feel like doing the play-by-play and they throw it over to an interview with Ray Shero.
Shero (The Pens GM) throws out a cliche, unimportant mess of words as the play continues.

Just before the 10:00 mark of the period, poor Steve Downie makes a bad pass in the Penguins zone, and it's taken down the ice for a Malone goal.

3 - 1

Versus decides to show a million shots of Flyers fans practically crying. Get a heart Versus, or go watch a damn rodeo.

Ten minutes of extremely ugly hockey pass before Hossa puts in an empty netter for the kill.

4 - 1

Which is followed by this very awkward hug

Charlie would be proud.

- What a ridiculously ugly game on the Flyers part.
- We almost though Sir R.J. of Umberger was going to return valiantly to save the team, he came the closest.
- Richards didn't have a huge game, but he was a presence.
- Danny Briere once again was not.
- Malking was shut down decently by our defense.
- Kimmo and Coburn being out just makes it all worse.
- The Flyers Do. Not. Get. Swept.


The ransom for Pensblog Charlie has finally been met.
He has reached all 1,000 friends on facebook in little more than 2 days.

We are satisfied, Charlie will be satisfied when he gets to visit Ottawa this year, and [ The Pensblog ] is of course satisfied (almost nightly).

Let's Go Flyers


Anonymous said...


to say 'Thank You' for not putting up any effort this series....The Pens needed a break to rest up for the Red Wings.

Happy Golfing on Friday.

Kristen said...

it's ok that the flyers suck more dick than charlie. it's a big job but someone has to do it...have fun after the sweep.

Anonymous said...

Vengence ....NEXT YEAR!

Anonymous said...

first, I'd like to apologize for the other Pens fans' comments. you've been fair, honest and a fun rival so far this series (the Charlie bit was hysterical. the ransom should've been 2000 friends so we could've enjoyed the mutual jobbing longer) and don't deserve to have your face rubbed in the dirt.

second, I think it's great the way you can be objective with your team and their performance. that has to be rough and probably pisses off some of your readers, but true fans should be able to respect and appreciate your honesty. keep up the good work and good luck on Thursday.

Azkar said...

*Ray Shero

jaos said...

serenity NOW

FireFox said...

I hate Verses as much as the next hockey fan. But they pulled out an Emmy award winning tear jerker with the shots of all those Flyers fans after the 3rd goal. Yes, I am a crule hartless bastard. But I have been there many times before. It sucks badly and the other guys get joy out of it. My joy is now.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Firefox, the tears were great and I enjoyed every minute of it. And yes we have taken our fair share of licks the last 5 years or so and it's great to be able to give them back. I think these two teams are gonna have a great rivalry for a few years and I look forward to it. Hopefully you guys can pull off one win in Philly cause I would love to watch them clinch in Pitt.


Mr. Plank said...

Win one at home for your fans. Other than that, you guys are done. Pittsburgh-Detroit is going to be one helluva final.

Anonymous said...

The Umberger goal was not off a rebound, Prospal just threw it in front of the net. Get your shit right.


Thanks for sending back PB Charlie.

snickerdoodles said...

You're lucky the ransome was met and Charlie was released. Now, for kidnapping him you just made Gary Roberts "to do" list. Avoid dark alleys, and sleep with both eyes open. The Wrath of Gary is something you do not want to experience! Ask the people who survived. Hold on, there are no survivors!!! Start praying. And
check and see if your medical insurance is paid up.