Sunday, May 11, 2008

So Much for The Split. Flyers Lose.

Well what can I say, it was a hell of a game.
I was on the hockey roller coaster from hell.

This was a big game for the Flyers, a big game to win.
If they had split the series, they would have shown they can win on the road.
That wasn't the case.

The Flyers now have to come back to the Wach and give the Pens a beating.
It'll take all the drive and determination they've got.

Carter and Richards were the big names of the game,
both of them had good games, and Briere is still nowhere to be found.

The refs, to say the least, were terrible.
Most of the bad calls were against the Flyers, but they were just bad in general.
A bad hook call here, a horrible goalie interference there, and a no call roughing to boot.
Malkin - You're slowly losing our respect.

For the Pens, they called off a goal and... well that's about it.
Not to mention you really couldn't SEE the puck cross the line, so it wasn't conclusive.


Versus is the Worstest - they shouldn't do game intros, it was lame and unexciting.
The puck didn't drop until 7:40, and there were enough commercials that I thought it was an infomercial for the magic bullet.
Except for the Versus Stanley Cup commercials because those are badass.

There's a quick interview with Crosby and some close-ups.
He is still sporting that ridiculous neck beard and mustache.

Last thing I'll say about his face until chest hair grows in.

On the other hand, Jeff Carter is going for the Grizzly Adams look and we applaud him.

====================FIRST PERIOD===================

Thanks to Versus the first 2 minutes of the game were all about how warm the Igloo is.
We all know it's the worst arena in the NHL, just say the ice sucks and be done with it.

Game starts off without anything really special going on, a few back-and-forths but meh.
Then, just 1:51 into the game a slap shot from the point get redirected and hits Coburn right between the eyes.

He wouldn't return, but they said he was hopeful to return early in the game.
We're just hoping he's alright to play by next game because watching Hatcher play for more than a half hour was just torture.

Just a minute or so later, Laraque flips a puck into the Flyers bench and we're pretty sure it clipped someone in the helmet.
The sad part is that's the best snipe he's had all year.

Then our favorite little scrapper Scottie Upshall and Kennedy square off.
We'll admit that Kennedy definitely had the edge in the beginning of the fight, but Scottie did a good job holding his own.

Aggressive play picks up big time. Flyers really start throwing their weight around.
At 15:38 Laraque gets sent to the box for roughing.

The powerplay that ensues is weak, and there are two shorthanded shots but no powerplay shots.

Versus continues to go try to sound unbiased against he Flyers.
They're better off just admitting it.

Carter gets sent to the box, and with :04 left in that power play Knuble gets a weak call for cross-checking and is sent to the box.
Cheifs dominate the power play and Crosby sneaks one in off Kukkonen's leg. Lame.

1 - 0

There's a few chances by the Flyers in the next few minutes, and Hartnell is picking up his game.

Smith and Dupois get concurrent minors off a face off for interference and hooking. 4 on 4 ensues.

As the Pens set up a shot comes across the crease in mid-air and snags Hatcher in the helmet. The puck horribly drops into the crease and is on its way over the line when Marty reaches back and snags it while screaming "L'eggo My Eggo!"

The Flyers survive a penalty to end the period.

====================SECOND PERIOD====================

The Flyers come out with a little jump in their step, looking good.

There's some back and forth hockey when Briere finally makes an appearance in the game and has an open goal chance only to be poke checked way, sigh.

We're headed to the power play after a holding call on Hossa.
There are some decent chances, MAF looks decent though he's giving up more of those Fleurebonds (tm).
He almost gets caught out of his net, but the Flyers can't execute.

Orpix then gets called for an interference on Kukkonen at 15:05.
45 seconds in, Carter gets an awesome dish from Lupul from across the net and puts it home!

1 - 1
Flyers are amped and you can tell. Jeff Carter steps up in a big way.

For the next 10 or so minutes, Versus decided that talking to Tom Glavine, the Atlanta Braves pitcher who was once drafted into the NHL, is much more important than giving us a play by play.

That's fine and dandy, except when you do an interview with him during the game, and he's even more focused on the game than talking.

The game continues pretty fast paced, definitely entertaining to watch.
Biron is kicking ass in net, some really solid saves.

Malkin skates up and Hatcher stands him up pulling him off the puck.
The ref decides to some how call a hooking, for one of the more BS calls of the night.

Pens go on a power play 5 on 4.
Just 9 seconds in Hossa puts one past Biron to make it 2 - 1.

So far, every goal in the game has been on a power play which was one thing the Flyers did not need.

Richards lays into Malkin for a nice hit, we have to love Richards for his heart.
A little after, Hatcher gets called for a cross-check that was pretty weak, and both Harnell and Ruutu get minors to make it a 4 on 3.

This is when Richards decides to become Iron Man.

He steals a sloppy pass from Malkin at the blue line and takes the puck all the way down the ice.
He shoots top shelf glove side and takes Fleury to town with just 23 seconds left in the period.

2 - 2

====================THIRD PERIOD====================

This period was make or break for the Flyers.
They had the momentum coming in, and Richards was en feugo.
Not to mention, he looked pretty good on playoffs (don't have an official stat)

There's some back-and-forth hockey with a lot of hits and intensity all over the place.
Briere even gets a wrap-around chance, but he kind of loses it/misses... surprise all around.
Then he's called for goalie interference despite the 180-pound Briere getting man handled (not by Pensblog Charlie) into MAF.

ANOTHER weak call on the night.

Lucky for us Biron was looking strong and they held off the powerplay.
They come back with vengeance after the kill, and Hatcher throws his weight around like a call girl.

Even Biron gets into the mess and pulls a play out of Hextall's books.
He basically cross-checks Ruutu in the neck, and Ruutu flops like a fish.
Minor for Biron and Embellishment for Ruutu.

We head to 4 on 4 hockey with Hartnell serving for Biron.
Biron does a good job and Modry isn't looking as bad as we expected.

Just want to note that Kapanen is the Pitbull of the team, and he never stops working hard.

Anyway, the Pens drive up the ice and Laraque takes a slapper that goes wide (told you) but gets a nice bounce off the boards.
Gary Roberts tips it out in front of the net and Talbot crushes all hopes of a split, or even a good night.

3 - 2

Some more garbage happens, we have some chances but no finishers and somebody lands an empty netter making it 4 - 2.


- Biron was looking a little better tonight
- Richards continues to play awesomely, and Carter stepped up, now it's time for Briere.
- Intensity was awesome, can't wait to come back to the Wach.
- Malkin was effectively shut down tonight.
- If Coburn is out for any decent period of time that's another ridiculous blow to defense
- Biron isn't afraid to throw down.
- Power plays played a huge part in the game, we have to stay out of the box.
- Along with a few others, Sir R.J. of Umberger wasn't a presence.


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Anonymous said...

Did you actually watch the game tonight?

Mr. Plank said...

grassyknollblog. its been said on pensblog, im pretty sure this is a phantom site (someone said the same thing in the gameday post below). it was solidified in my mind when you guys commented on a pensblog post. quality stuff.

epic deception boys.

jefe said...

you bastards. yeah.

FireFox said...

I'm calling you out PensBlog Staff! We know it's you running this site! Don't worry, we still love you in a non-Charlie way. It's just another reason you guys are the best.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, you (Flyers) got every BS call your way tonight, including the no-goal and you still claim that the refs are biased toward Pittsburgh. Scratcher should have had at least 3 or 4 more calss against him alone, apparently the refs felt bad for you guys. And Upshall got his azz handed to him by Kennedy, even after he tripped Kennedy, TK got up and handed him a proper beat down. Hopefully the Pens play better in Philly, because they played probably their worst game of the playoffs last night and still beat you. We haven't got our brooms out of the closet yet, but they are close by.


The Big K said...

go to the Pensblog.
Then ask me if it was a goal.
Great view there.