Saturday, May 3, 2008

In Your Own House



So the guys have had a day off to hopefully recuperate a bit,
and are ready for some Habs blood in Montreal tonight.

Let's just hope this doesn't turn out anything like the series with that
Alexander Overacting guy, cause that's just far too drawn out for my liking.

Flyers are on a roll, and no one expected them to put up a fight
let alone hand the Habs their asses on a silver platter.

Let's be honest here, statistics don't have the Flyers' backs tonight,
but then again they didn't have our backs at the beginning of the series.

The Habs are in a bit of a goalie crisis,
and the Flyers have cracked the code on all 3 Canadians goalies we've faced in the playoffs.


"Swiss Cheese" Price has been dropping to his knees and it just makes it too easy to pick the holes
(so many sexual inuendos, can hardly hold back).

We'll hope he continues this way tonight as he's back in net.

Biron has been a monster throughout the playoffs and that still holds true after the last game. Can we get this guy a medal?

Apparently Carbonneau will be wearing his "magic tie" for the game tonight. [ HF Boards ]
I'm sure every Flyers fan is worried by the extreme power emitted by the slab of fabric.

I personally believe it's just his favorite thing to stare at on acid trips. Good thing the Habs haven't resorted to any ridiculous plans for victory or people might think they're pathetic... hhmmm.


:: Hartnell shoots a thanks to the fans for support [ Hartnell Blog ]
"Anytime you have fans like that behind you a hundred percent of the time, it’s a great feeling and everyone’s positive."

:: Biron thinks Lemelin is the man, and an awesome goalie coach [ ]
Must be why Marty's on en feugo.


Pens went down on Thursday in a surprisingly embarrassing 3 - 0 loss.
They'll go at it again tomorrow at 2:00pm

:: Pens writer Joe Sager writes a ridiculously obvious article [ Penguins ]

:: Blueshirt Bulletin goes on about Crosby being untouchable, we find it hard to disagree [ Blueshirt Bulletin ]
Sid can't be touched without some made up call being spewed - TRUTH

:: Jagr is old [ ]


Avs were knocked out on Thursday, all there is to be said.


Sharks win in OT to force a game 6 [ Sharks ]
Who knows? LET'S GO SHARKS!



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Messier11 said...

Well that's the first and last time I'll ever visit this dump of a site. I'm no Crosby fan, but better examples of his alleged diving could've been used. Instead we're subject to a guy who takes a stick blade to the ribs and then a stick butt to the jaw and expect him to just shrug it off like he's the Incredible Hulk or something. As sick as I am of hearing about him and how great he is, I'm just as sick of hearing about all this diving bullshit surrounding him. When will people ever learn to graciously accept defeat? Well, this is a Flyers blog, so no time soon I guess.