Monday, May 12, 2008

Bring It on Home - Game Day (3 - 3)


Tonight the series comes home to the Wach for a promisingly intense game.

The Flyers are down 2 - 0 in the series thus far, and they have nothing but blood on their minds.
Well that, and the fact that Marc Joanette is calling the game tonight, ugh.

This is the biggest game of the playoffs so far for the Flyers, especially after such a disheartening loss on Sunday.
We were unable to split the series at the Igloo which would have been a huge moral boost.

The game was rocky to say the least, and the Flyers have some work to do.
Without Timonen and possibly Coburn in the line-up they'll have to work double time.

Despite this, my Flyers senses are tingling for a win.
The Flyers simply aren't bad enough to get swept, even in their current state.
If they were to play the game the way we know they can, they could even pull off a Game 6 or 7 victory.

We even think Malkin might actually come to the game tonight, so look out for him.
He was too busy getting laid out by Richards on Sunday to be of any importance.

Not to mention, Cindy Crosby is being slowed down by his thick manly beard.
(Yes, I lied when I said I wouldn't say anything else.)

[Mike L.]

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, tonight is the focus.
The team needs to have chemistry, stay out of the box, and hope that Biron is on his A game.(A-Team?)

[ eager to go psycho ] gives us another key to the game - we need less of these.

(It's a turnover)

We're stuck watching the game on Versus, so we'll definitely have some complaints in the recap, don't worry.


What Ya Drinkin'

Alright people, for tonight's game we're hoping to get some What Ya Drinkin' submissions.
If you don't know what What Ya Drinkin' is, refer to the bottom-ish of the [ FAQ ]

Bottom Line:
Just send us a picture of what you're drinking, next to something Flyers related and we'll post it up.


Being the humane people we are over here at tOC,
we've allowed Pensblog Charlie to write a quick note to The Pensblog to give them an update on how he's doing.

Head over to [ The Pensblog ] to find out exactly what the letter said.

We will say however, that we've been pretty good to him,
and we found out that his second favorite blog is [ Mondesis House ]
As it turns out, he's also the only visitor this month... weird.


Charlie is fast on his way to 1,000 friends.
We'll miss the brownies.


:: Marty Biron was iffy about the curve of a broken stick on Sunday[ ]
I kind of doubt it was illegal, but the Flyers may call for measurments now.

:: Hartnell's plan is to play hard [ ]
One would hope... but I did mention Harnell playing hard.
Someone needs to step up, might as well be him.

:: Richard's is the man [ Philly ]
We know.

:: Even more common sense [ Philly ]
They're running out of things to write about.

:: Downie will be in tonight [ PG ]
He played well, can't be upset with this decision.


:: To no surprise Mark Eaton won't be back [ PG ]
They're desperate for news.

:: Fleury flowering at precisely the right time [ PG ]
Couldn't have worded that any gayer (Charlie allows it)

:: Penguins honor Beaver County teenager with cancer [ PG ]
This is actually really cool.

The Penguins official site sucks for news.


The Red Wings pulled ahead 3 - 0 in the series, and all sings point to sweep.

[ Recap ]

We just hope the winner of the East doens't get totally swept.
Then again, the Flyers do not get swept... period.



Quick update with some more statue ownage.
This one is from [Ryan]

Union Pitt Panther:


Peterson Event Pitt Panther:




BlacknGold66 said...

Hatcher's gonna get beat down tonight. Count on it.

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GwinTheEskimo said...

zeppelin reference? you may have a soul, then again Jimmy Page sold his...
Close the door put out the lights, no they won't be home tonight.

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jaos said...

Its nice to hold them to only 1 goal in their own house.

canaanregulatesblog said...

quit using google images, mike. they are the suck.

Orange Crush Staff said...

Canaan, they are the easy.
Which one is the suck?

canaanregulatesblog said...

all of your statowned pics are blank