Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heart. Game Day (3 - 4) Penguins @ Flyers


So here it is.
The Flyers season rides on their performance in this game.

If they are able to hold off the Pens for another game, who's to say they can't do it 3 more times?

It all comes down to heart, that is the only key of the game.
That... and don't play like you did last game.

The Penguins will come out as their cocky little selves,
and that just means we have to get on top early (no homo).
Well maybe a little homo in Malkin.

Everyone knows that the Flyers are the only team in the East that can take the Penguins down,
and now the Flyers just have to prove that they won't go down without a fight.

Nothing else matters, the first 3 games, the venue, the momentum.
None of it matters, the only thing that matters is how the Flyers want to play.
If they want it they will win.


The Beardish thing

This article over at [ ] pretty much sums up the only frame of mind Crosby can possibly have.

We'll post the full text for you viewing pleasure.
Thanks to [Mike L.] for linking to it

On the doorstep of the Stanley Cup Finals while at the same time enjoying the fruits of puberty, Pittsburgh Penguins phenom Sidney Crosby is having the time of his life.

“Last spring was terrible,” said Crosby. “We lost in the first round of the playoffs and all I had was a little bit of peach fuzz on my chin. But now we’re going for the Cup and, best of all, I have hair all over my face. Well, not all over my face. It’s not a lot. But it kind of looks like a real beard. You can definitely see it if you stand close to me or if you have a really big HD television. It’s pretty exciting.”

Penguins head coach Michel Therrien said it is remarkable how Crosby has grown as a leader on a team full of men despite still battling the awkwardness of becoming a man himself.

“This team respects him. And it’s because of the way he handles himself on and off the ice,” said Therrien. “Just think how much they’ll listen to him when his voice stops cracking every other word. Or when he realizes he needs to start wearing deodorant and showering every day.”

Crosby acknowledges he still has some developing to do.

“This is a weird time. I keep getting these totally random erections,” he said. “I’m not turned on at all, I’ll just be going about my business and – Boom! – erection. I hate when it happens on the ice. I just bend over a little bit and hold my stick over my crotch to cover it up until it goes away. I can’t wait for that to stop happening.”

The hockey phenom says that if his team does win the Stanley Cup, he can’t wait to celebrate with his teammates.

“Maybe I can get one of them to buy me some Mike’s Hard Lemonade or, like, some beer or something,” he said. “And I’ll probably smoke a whole lot of cigarettes to see what that’s like. One thing I do know, though, win or lose, I’m not shaving. What if it doesn’t come back for some reason? It took me two months to grow what I have.”


What Ya Drinkin'

We're hoping for some What Ya Drinkin' emails after tonights game.
Remember, if you haven't played before the rules are simple:

  • You take a picture of what you're drinking (beer, tea, soda, etc.) next to something Flyers related.
  • You send said picture to
  • Your picture gets posted on the front page of the next Game Recap

:: John Stevens shuffled the line yesterday [ Philly ]
- Look for Richards with Briere and Hartnell
- Sir R.J. of Umberger will be with Prospal and Lupul
- Patrick Thorenson will take over for Steve Downie.

:: Braydon Coburn may play tonight [ Philly ]
The defense can use all the help they can get.

:: Marty Biron is a beast, and knows he can win 4 straight [ Philly ]
Hey we did it in Montreal, and Biron is a beast...


:: Downie left Sykora breathless [ PG ]
He won't watch the replay. Too scary.

:: The Pens listen to their coach [ NHL ]
Apparently it only took two and a half years.

:: Gary Roberts not likely to play tonight[ PG ]

I hate the Pens website for news.


Tonight on Versus, Dallas brought the Western Conference Finals to a 1 - 3 record against the Detroit.

We would give you a game recap, but that's far too much work.

We will say that Turco flops around to make his saves, but he sure as hell makes them.

Dallas played a great game tonight, and it was awesome that 90% of the lower section stood for the entire game.

Flyers just have to hope to take a play out of the Stars books,
and Flyers fans... we want to see every one of you standing.



canaanregulatesblog said...

First... to say that the Pens should close up shop tonight. i wonder if there will be a briere/prospal sighting.

Dr. Turkleton said...

TOC said:
Everyone knows that the Flyers are the only team in the East that can take the Penguins down

there the ONLY team left in the East, you douche!

if you mean because of the results during the regular season, please. Every team the Pens have faced in the playoffs so far have had better records v. the Pens in the regular season....This PLAYOFF team [it is the Playoffs, isn't it?] is TOTALLY different than what the Flyers faced during the regular season.

go consult flyerfreek93 for a shoulder to cry on...& use those fugly orange shirts to wipe up your tears.

Just another Pens fan said...

Only a Cryers fan could call a team beating the ever-lovin' crap out of their team homos. LOL!

Good time of year for fishing! Hope your boys get a good spot on the lake tomorrow!

PenguinHater said...

I sure hope the Pensblog staff isn't running this blog, because I think it's great. We Flyers fans need something like this.

I think it's amazing that the Pensblog people who constantly whine about "Cryers fans" raiding their combox go to a Flyers blog and do the same thing. Hypocrites.

*Waits for an extremely intelligent "you=joke", "you=stunned", "you=obscenity", etc. comment to be thrown back at me.

The Associate said...

Hey guys, how's that 'ol Billy Penn Curse treating you?

The only way the Flyers will be going to the Cup Finals is if they buy tickets to the game!

PENguInS Rule! said...


Pens 4
Flyers 2

Total choke job tonight and after the game Dorothy Briere stars in his first ever Snuff Film... and last

WOOOO! Go Pens!

Brett said...

awesome pic of Turco :) he's like a sideways Kilroy

Pat said...

What ya drinking?

The answer for most Flyers fans after tonight: a Sea Breeze wine cooler to wash down the taste of Pensblog Charlie.

Dr. Turkleton said...

congrats flyers least your team showed up this series and played a solid 20 minutes & barley hung on at the end.

Losing the series 4-1 I guess looks a lot better than 4-0.


BlacknGold66 said...

I hate the Flyers, but I love this blog.

Well played with the "Wooooo" comment on tPB tonight guys. Haha, I have to admit... that was good.

The Big K said...

You got one.
I sadly expected even beforehand.

The Rangers also won game 4.

Have fun enjoying the next day and half, then you will be sent to the courses.

Nice to see Briqueer show up tonight as well.

I'd complain about the awful officiating,
but then, I am not a Flyers fan.

The Big K said...


You and this whole blog just rip off tPB.
And tPB is not running this blog, I assure you.
Staff has better things to do.

Orange Crush Staff said...

Well in reply to blackngold66 and not anyone throwing a feces fight:

Thanks bro, you're pretty alright despite being a pens fan.

P.S. Wooooooooooooooooo

PittHockey said...

you're pretty allright despite delaying your tee times.

jmagnifico said...

Daniel Briere celebrates California allowing gay marriage with his own little coming out party

way to go fag

FireFox said...

Well, we really didn't expect to sweep anyway. But being up 3-1 is a solid choke hold. The Pens will not get complacient, espessially at home. For the Flyers to win, they have to bring their A game and the A game of a couple of other teams to win game 5.

If you really arn't the PensBlog Staff running this site, you really are pretty sad. You even copied the whole process of putting up a winning pic at the top of the page with a "WOOOOOOOOO" right after the game was over and waited until the next day to do a recap.

How much are you going to copy from them anyway. Are going to get an "Orange Crush George" as well? Are you going to start posting pics of famous characters before the game as a good luck charm? Have some dignity and get your own material.