Friday, May 16, 2008

The Flyers Do. Not. Get. Swept.

Oh what a beautiful game it was.

There were some big changes on offense.
Obviously they were good because Danny Briere had his first goal in some way-to-long amount of games.

The game was played once again without Braydon Coburn and the less expect Kimmo Timonen.

Despite this, the Flyers looked absolutely amazinging in the 1st, and most of the 2nd.
There 3rd wasn't exactly A-Game (refraining from making the A-Team reference again),
but it got the job done in the end.

I just want to throw a big "WOOOOOO!" to all [ The Pensblog ]'s out there speaking of sweeps.

[Mike L.]

We understand that the series is far from over,
but this game was the confidence boost needed (yes, duh) , even though it was a little late.

If the Flyers really want to win this series, they obviously have to win 4 in a row.
We think the real test will be Sunday at the Igloo.

If they can pull off the W there,
they will win all 4 games.

[Jürgen J.]


The Daily Beard

[Mike L.]

I thought hair was supposed to grow and get thicker.

That's all for now.


What Ya Drinkin'

[Mike L.]

[Jürgen J.]
Nice action shot.

Keep on submitting guys.

=========================FIRST PERIOD=========================

We hate how the first 10 minutes of the program are commercials.
"Stevens is the coach, and we'll tell you his first name after the break, stay tuned"

The puck drops around 7:42 and right away you can feel the energy.

The crowd looks great with the orange crush sea, this time saying "Most Intimidating Fans in the NHL" or something.

Coburn and Kimmo are still out, Richards is on the line with Briere and Hartnell, and Parent is in.

The Flyers actually look alive, and they start playing some Flyer hockey.
Hartnell gets a nice chance in front with go gold, and Jones lays into Hossa a little after.

The crowd is pumped, the fans are pumped, it's looking good.
They control the puck for the most part.

Then at with 14:03 left in the 1st, Briere takes out Staal's foot digging for the puck and he's off to the box for 2.

Richards once AGAIN, gets an awesome breakaway shorthanded.
He misses the net wide, but that's the third game in a row he's a had a great shorthanded breakaway.

The Flyers fight off the power play with little effort and Briere jumps out of the box with a little initiative.

30 seconds after the penalty kill, Lupul flys up the side and rips one from the far end of the circle.
It may have touched a defender, but it beats Fleury over the shoulder for the first goal of the game.

1 - 0

Game time! The Flyers come out with a vengeance and play hard.

Marty Biron is looking like the Goalie we know he can be.

Next thing you know, Briere draws a penalty on Gonchar for holding.

The Flyers put up some good pressure, but it didn't look to great until Randy Jones threw a shot on net and Briere (YES BRIERE) picked up the trash with a goal.

2 - 0

Looks like moving Richards to the Briere and Hartnell line is making the difference.
Briere is starting to play with confidence, so we're hoping he'll continue playing the way he can.

About a minute later, Letang get's called for a penalty and the Flyers go on the power play again.
2 more players from each side are added the box, making it 4 on 3, but nothing interesting goes down.

Then Dave Mustaine of Megadeth pops up to tell us how awesome we are.

[Mike L. from The 5 Hole ]

Anyway, it all starts to get rough, and we see some more Flyer hockey.
Not to mention, Crosby has been bitching after every single stoppage of play.

The Flyers head to the power play again after a skirmish and this time after some great control, Jeff Carter puts one home.

3 - 0

The Flyers close-up the last 1:10 of the period with some great pressure, and Crosby finishes it up whining to the refs.

=========================SECOND PERIOD=========================

The second period starts off much like the first, with a little less intensity.

The Flyers looks good, and are keeping the Pens generally out of the game.
Briere is definitely a presence in the game.

A few minutes in, Upshall gets a shot to the face and realiates and we go to the 4 on 4.

Usually I don't do this, but I have to say that Fleury made one of the best saves of his career against Briere, essentially keeping the lead to only 3.

The Flyers defense is looking really sharp, and we have to point out that Randy Jones really stepped up to fill the Defensive void throughout the game.

The game progresses, and Kukkonen makes a great play, and Jones follows it by dropping Malkin.

Biron gets some time to shine with a few Pens chances, but because he's a monster, he keeps it out of the net.

Crosby on the other hand, continues to cry up a storm. Sidney Crysby it is.

There's a good amount of back-and-forth hockey, with both sides looking decent, or at least not weak.

With 5:43 left, Carter gets called for tripping, and the Pens get the chance to tie.
They get a few chances, and Biron flashes that awesome glove of his, but no money.

A minute later, Richards fans on a big opportunity, but he's been playing awesome all game.

The period closes out with the Flyers still on a power play after a Sykora slash on Briere with just 1:35 left.

=========================THIRD PERIOD=========================

You gotta love starting out a period with a man advantage, and despite no goals it keeps the confidence.

There's good pressure for the first couple of minute, until the Pens get on deep in the zone and Staal puts it off the side of Biron for their first goal.

Talbot kisses Staal.
3 - 1

Biron doesn't seem too flusterred and continues to play strong.

You can tell the Pens start getting desperate, and they actually start trying for the first time in the game... hmm.
They Pens start to gain some momentum but nothing results.

The Flyers start to get control back in the game and Upshall gets a nice chance.
Just as they're starting to get momentum, the Pens get possession and Staal again puts one past Biron short side to bring the score to 3 - 2.

This is right about the time when Flyers fans start sweating because we've seen so many games end badly from leads.

Play continues, and there is some good defense by the Flyers as Smith stand Crosby up and runs him off the puck.

MAF is pulled at 1:05 and the Pens put up some worrying pressure.
Luckily, Lupul decides to let them know this is our house and lands a nice empty netter.

4 - 2

Knowing that they're going the lose, the Penguins decide to throw a huge hissy fit at the end of the game.

Hatcher lets Malone know that he doesn't appreciate it.
He also turns into satan.

Gonch takes a cheap shot at Richards

Finally, Richards wants to throw with Crosby,
who bitches out and doesn't throw a punch until the ref is between them.
Nor does he drop his gloves.

- Briere decided to show up for tonight's game in a big way.
- Jones really stepped up too.
- Hatcher completely owned Malone repeatedly in the head.
- Crysby whined the whole game, and bitched out against Richards.
- A game 5 win will bring about a 4 game come back.
- Stevens should have made these line changes sooner.
- Timonen is probably going to be back for Sunday! No word on Coburn.




freddy's mole said...

it's funny that you mentioned so many times that sidney was crying when the only thing i noticed was your fans crying every time a flyer was touched by a penguin

Anonymous said...

Knowing that they're going the lose, the Penguins decide to throw a huge hissy fit at the end of the game.

I guess you missed the charge that caused that brawl at the end huh?


Anonymous said...

STUNNED?? Are you kidding me??

i really wish you'd be original...originality causes a stir...copying something and making it your own makes you a joke

Anonymous said...

flyers friend talking to me earlier tonight:

Pit will kill the Flyers (on Sunday). They might as well send the Phillies out there.

I guess you missed the part where the Pens and control through much of the second and completely dominated the third period. Thursday night proved that the Flyers can't hang with the Pens for 60 minutes. Hell; I don't think they can for more than 20.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Briere sucks.

Richards swallows.

I hope Kimmo Turnover DOES play on Sunday....he'll be rustier than Katie Smith's ham sandwich locker buried beside her...

Coburn should play, too....he could grow another eye & some man parts & he still wouldn't be any better than an orange Penndot barrel.

Glad you got to get your jollies with 1 positive post this series [about time]
too bad it'll be your last.

FireFox said...

Dignity...get some. have none.

Anonymous said...

so when sid talks to the officials its considered "bitching and whining" but when mike richards does it (and yes he DOES do it constantly) its considered "being a leader". i'm sorry, but sid does wear the C doesn't he? he has the right to talk to them

The Big K said...

Are Philly fans really in a position to make jokes about gay people? "City of Brotherly Love" GAYS.

And whiners? Pot... meet kettle.